2006 San Joaquin Valley PM10 State Implementation Plan (SIP)

This page updated January 12, 2006.

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (San Joaquin Valley APCD) Governing Board will consider updates to the PM10 SIP for the San Joaquin Valley.  These updates use the most current modeling methodologies and the most up-to-date emissions inventories.  The information on this page provides links to the support documentation used by the San Joaquin Valley APCD in this effort.


This section provides links to documentation for the San Joaquin Valley APCD Draft 2006 PM10 Plan.

Public Hearing Notice -- February 16, 2006 at the San Joaquin Valley APCD (link to District's website)

Draft 2006 PM10 Plan (link to District's website)

Travel Plan Activity Documentation (ARB's website)


If you would like to receive electronic notices from ARB about development of new SIP measures for the San Joaquin Valley and other areas of the State, please go to http://www.arb.ca.gov/listserv/listserv_ind.php?listname=sip.

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