Motor Vehicle Emissions Budgets and Documentation

This page updated March 19, 2004.

Ventura County Air Pollution Control District
Draft 2004 Ventura County Ozone State Implementation Plan

On March 4, 2004, the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (Ventura County APCD) released for public comment its draft 2004 Ozone SIP.  The Draft 2004 SIP contains on-road motor vehicle emissions budgets for ozone.  Upon local district adoption, ARB submittal to U.S. EPA, and a budget adequacy finding by U.S. EPA, these budgets must be used in transportation conformity determinations.

The draft motor vehicle emissions budgets listed and documented below represent the draft Ventura County 2004 Ozone SIP budgets, along with supporting materials under consideration by the Ventura County APCD.

Draft Motor Vehicle Emissions Budgets

2004 Ventura County Ozone SIP

(summer, tons per day)







These budgets were developed in close coordination with the Ventura County APCD and the Southern California Association of Governments.  The budgets include the latest data available at the time of budget development.  The following links provide more detailed information regarding the methodologies, model runs, and results used in the development of these budgets.
Budget Derivation Summary   (MS Word 97 -- 22 KB)
Summary of Methods Used to Develop Baseline Planning Inventories   (MS Word 97 -- 28 KB)
Inventory Summary and Budget Derivation Spreadsheet   (MS Excel 97 -- 198 KB)
Baseline Planning Inventory EMFAC2002 Input Files   (WinZip -- 36 KB)
Motor Vehicle Emission Factor
Model Used for the 2004 AQMP:

EMFAC2002 v2.2 (April 23, 2003)