Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Program -- Criteria and Guidelines

This page last reviewed July 3, 2008

ARB’s 1998 Criteria and Guidelines, approved by the Board June 25, 1998, serves as a framework for the use of Motor Vehicle Registration Fees. State law specifies that these funds be used to reduce mobile source emissions and to carry out related California Clean Air Act activities. The Criteria and Guidelines may be downloaded or printed in the following sections:
I. Introduction (PDF -- 10KB)
II. Air Resources Board’s 1995 Criteria and Guidelines (PDF -- 27KB)


1.  Development and Implementation of Clean Air Plans
2.  Cost-Effectiveness
3.  Leveraging Funds
4.  Demonstration and Introduction of New Technology
III. Addendum to 1995 Criteria and Guidelines (PDF -- 13KB)
  • Setting Project Funding Priorities
  • Reporting on Project Effectiveness
  • SIP Credits
IV. Design of Successfully Demonstrated Projects (PDF - 46K)
  • Projects Include: Transit bus replacement purchases, school bus purchases, heavy-duty truck purchases and repowering, off-road agricultural equipment purchase and repowering, off-road construction equipment purchase and repowering, voluntary early retirement of light-duty vehicles, long-distance commuter bus projects, long-distance commute vanpool program, transit use subsidies, employee trip reduction programs, commuter-oriented bicycle facilities.
  • Appendix A: Examples of Successful Projects. Specific examples of the above projects are included. (PDF -- 63KB)

  • Appendix B: 1998 Statutes Applicable to the Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Program (PDF -- 38KB)
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