Particulate Matter Contacts

This page last reviewed February 11, 2014

For more information about any of the Air Resources Board's Air Quality and Transportation Planning activities, please email or telephone us at the following:

Air Quality Data (links to separate contact page)
Characterization of Particulate Matter Patricia Velasco
(916) 323-7560
Designations - Federal Webster Tasat (916) 323-4950
Designations - State Theresa Najita (916) 322-7297
Exceptional Events/Wildfires Theresa Najita (916) 322-7297
Measures to Reduce PM (Senate Bill 656, Sher 2003) Patricia Velasco
(916) 323-7560
Monitoring (links to separate contact page)
Monitoring Networks (State and Local) Xiaomang Pan (916) 445-0863
Outdoor Residential Waste Burning  Tina Suarez-Murias
(916) 323-1495
Regional Haze Tina Suarez-Murias (916) 323-1495
Smoke Management (links to separate contact page)
State Implementation Plans (SIPs) (links to separate contact page)