Characterization of Ambient PM10 and PM2.5 in California
Technical Report June 2005

This page last reviewed January 27, 2014

This document describes the characteristics of PM10 and PM2.5 in each of California's air districts within each air basin. It presents information from the perspective of the State air quality standards.




Statewide Overview  

1,789 K

Great Basin Valleys Air Basin

1,429 K

101 K

Lake County Air Basin

618 K

97 K

Lake Tahoe Air Basin

3,090 K

115 K

Mojave Desert Air Basin

4,124 K

140 K

Mountain Counties Air Basin

9,584 K

195 K

North Central Coast Air Basin

6,435 K

125 K

North Coast Air Basin

1,221 K

130 K

Northeast Plateau Air Basin

1,204 K

122 K

Sacramento Valley Air Basin

23,190 K

252 K

Salton Sea Air Basin

7,143 K

144 K

San Diego Air Basin

3,514 K

126 K

San Francisco Bay Area Air Basin

8,089 K

169 K

San Joaquin Valley Air Basin

11,320 K

189 K

South Central Coast Air Basin

3,657 K

172 K

South Coast Air Basin

9,710 K

186 K