Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program Five-Day Notification

This page last reviewed May 21, 2015.

Air District Notification - Five Days or Longer Operating in District

According to Section 2459 of the PERP regulation, "...if a registered equipment unit will be at a location for more than five days, the owner or operator or renter ... shall notify the district in writing, via facsimile, or by telephone, within two working days of commencing operations in that district." The regulation then lists the items of information to be reported to the local air district.

To assist the regulated community and also the local air districts, we are providing another method, in addition to those listed above, for online notification. It works like this: When you click on the link below, you will see a map of California. Select the district to be notified and click anywhere within that district's boundaries. A form will appear on the screen that will allow you to supply the required information. Then just click the "Submit" button and the form will automatically be transmitted to the air district you have selected. That's it!

Please Note: The ARB is not involved in this process! This online form is provided for convenience only. We cannot guarantee that the air district will receive this information (it might be a good idea to phone the district to make sure they got the message).

If you would like to send the air district an e-mail message instead of filling out the notification form, please click here.
If you use an e-mail instead of the form, however, you must include all the items that appear on the form.

If you experience any problems, please report the malfunction to Zuzana Vona at (916) 229-0759 or send e-mail to:

Online Notification by Map - Click on Your District
Online Notification by Drop Down Menu - Highlight Your District

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