Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP)

This page last reviewed July 6, 2017

Application Instructions and Forms

NOTE: The application instructions and forms can be downloaded in either MSWord or PDF formats.

Word forms are now in "form" format. This means that you can type your information directly into the form and there shouldn't be any problems with formatting or extra pages. Use the tab key to move from one box to the next. (You'll still need to print and mail the form, however.)

Please note that payments may be made by check or credit card. Use the Credit Card Authorization Form (ASD/Fiscal 307) to pay by credit card.

Form Description Downloadable Format
N/A General instructions for application forms can be downloaded in either MSWord 97 or in Adobe Acrobat format MSWord or PDF
1 General Information MSWord or PDF
ASD/Fiscal 307 Credit Card Authorization Form PDF
1-A Fee Calculation Worksheet (IMPORTANT:  If you need help determining registration fees please contact PERP staff at the link below) MSWord or PDF
2 Portable Internal Combustion Engine Registration Application MSWord or PDF
2-A Proof of Residency for Portable Internal Combustion Engine MSWord or PDF
3-A Application for Portable Sand & Gravel Screening, Rock Crushing, and Pavement Crushing & Recycling Equipment Registration MSWord or PDF
3-B Application for Portable Concrete Batch Plant Registration MSWord or PDF
3-C Application for Portable Confined Abrasive Blasting Registration MSWord or PDF
3-D Application for Portable Unconfined Abrasive Blasting Registration MSWord or PDF
3-E Application for Wood Chipping and Grinding Equipment Registration* MSWord or PDF
3-F Application for Rock Drills MSWord or PDF
4 Military Tactical Support Equipment Application MSWord or PDF
5 Reactivation of an Expired Registration MSWord or PDF
6 Change of Ownership MSWord or PDF
7 Modification to an Existing Registration MSWord or PDF
8 Administrative Actions for Existing Registrations MSWord or PDF
9 Intra-Company Sticker(s),Document(s) and/or Placard(s) Replacement Request MSWord or PDF
10 Rental Agreement Confirmation MSWord or PDF

*Please contact your local air district to determine if a permit is required to operate your chipper, grinder, and/or engine powering the equipment prior to submitting applications to PERP.

For further information regarding the program, please see our contacts information.