Shore Power for Ocean-going Vessels

This page reviewed February 15, 2017

2017 Advisory

The 2017 Advisory informs affected vessel fleets and terminal operators as to how Air Resources Board (ARB) will proceed with enforcement of the Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Auxiliary Diesel Engines Operated on Ocean Going Vessels At-Berth in a California Port (At Berth Regulation), beginning January 1, 2017.   As specified in the Advisory, ARB will offer six possible scenarios, which may apply on a case-by-case basis, with the objective of providing flexibility to fleets that have equipped their vessels to use shore power or contracted to use an alternative control technology to comply with the At-Berth Regulation.  Fleets are expected to make every effort to reduce emissions to meet the requirements of the At-Berth Regulation.  The advisory is available in the "Forms and Tools" section of this website, and is also linked below.



March 2015 Regulatory Advisory

The March 2015 Regulatory Advisory is inform affected fleets of the proposed schedule for considering amendments to the At-Berth Regulation and to explain administrative changes in implementation during the time needed to develop amendments to the Regulation. As specified in the Advisory, fleets are required to provide the following verification of their use of the advisory through the Quarterly Reporting Form. In addition, Scenario 1 requires immediate notification when a berth is unavailable. ARB staff may ask fleets to provide additional information to support their good faith effort claims.



December 2013 Regulatory Advisory

The following forms are for the December 2013 Regulatory Advisory.



Visit Information Spreadsheets:

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Fleet Forms (Reduced Onboard Power Generation Option):

The visit information spreadsheet, emergency event form, and delayed visit form can all be used to assist fleets with their recordkeeping requirements. The spreadsheet can also be as the input to the optional compliance tool.

Visit Information Spreadsheet:

Emergency Event:

Delayed Visit:

Compliance Statements for ROPG Option:

Staff developed the optional compliance tool to assist fleets in complying with the reporting requirements for the Reduced Onboard Power Generation Option.

Optional Compliance Tool for ROPG Option:

The following sample calculations details three simplified scenarios to demonstrate how compliance is calculated.

Sample Calculations:

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Fleet Forms (Equivalent Emissions Reduction Option):

Fleet Forms for the Equivalent Emissions Reduction (EER) Option is available below.

Compliance Statements for EER Option:

Optional Compliance Tool for EER Option

  • Staff is developing a compliance tool for the Equivalent Emission Reduction Option.
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Terminal Forms:

The following Terminal Plan Forms are for use shore power. Contact us directly for terminal plan forms if you intend to use an alternative to shore power at your terminal.

Terminal Plan Forms

*Confidential Information Agreement Form is required if the confidential data boxes are checked on Terminal Plan Form.
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Vessel Plan Forms:



*Confidential Information Agreement Form required if confidential data boxes checked on Vessel Plan Form.
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Fleet Emission Credit Forms:

Fleet emission credits are at-berth NOx and PM emission reductions achieved by a fleet at a particular port prior to 2010 or in excess of the 2010 and 2012 emission reduction requirements. Only fleet operators choosing the equivalent emissions reduction option can accrue and use fleet emission credits. Credits are calculated on a case by case basis. Contact ARB through for assistance with fleet emission credits.
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Submittal and Contact Information

Forms may be submitted either by hard copy or electronically.

To submit a hard copy by mail

  • California Air Resources Board
    Transportation and Toxics Division
    Emissions Assessment Branch,
    Technical Analysis Section
    P.O Box 2815
    Sacramento, CA 95812

To submit an electronic copy

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