Site information for Shasta countyCalifornia map with air basin
CARB Site NumberSite NameCountyBasinAgencyActive?
45567Anderson-North StreetShastaSacramento ValleyShasta County AQMDYes
45566Lassen Volcanic National ParkShastaSacramento ValleyNational Park Service (NPS)Yes
45561Redding - BuckeyeShastaSacramento ValleyShasta County AQMDNo
45555Redding - Health DepartmentShastaSacramento ValleyShasta County AQMDYes
45560Redding - ToyonShastaSacramento ValleyShasta County AQMDNo
47875Shasta Lake - Lake BlvdShastaSacramento ValleyShasta County AQMDYes
47873Shasta Lake-La MesaShastaSacramento ValleyShasta County AQMDNo

Total Number of sites = 7

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