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AQS Number CARB Number Site Start DateSite End DateAgency and Agency Code*
0606510033314601-01-197012-31-2014South Coast AQMD (0972)

Site Address County Air Basin Latitude
7002 Magnolia Av, Riverside CA 92506RiversideSouth Coast33.94586-117.40056255

Pollutants Monitored (click on parameter link for AQMIS data)
Note: This page does not necessarily reflect all parameters monitored at a site.
Multiple monitors, historical data, and other parameters may be available through the AQMIS query tool.
This site is currently closed!
CO, NO2, BAMPM10, BAMPM2.5, PM2.5, TSP, Outdoor Temperature, Relative Humidity

Site Photos**Photo Sequences**Site Surveys
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to site-specific surveys

Other CARB Database Information

*Reporting and operating agency may vary at each site, based on monitor and parameter measured.

**Only photos from the previous 5 years are available online.

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