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AQS Number CARB Number Site Start DateSite End DateAgency and Agency Code*
0606700143431508-12-200805-31-2017Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD (0936)

Site Address County Air Basin Latitude
68 Goldenland Ct., Sacramento CA 95834SacramentoSacramento Valley38.65069-121.506604

Pollutants Monitored (click on parameter link for AQMIS data)
Note: This page does not necessarily reflect all parameters monitored at a site.
Multiple monitors, historical data, and other parameters may be available through the AQMIS query tool.
This site is currently closed!
O3, CO, NO2, Total NMHC, Hi-Vol PM10, TEOMPM10, Outdoor Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind Direction-Resultant, Wind Speed-Resultant, Solar Radiation

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*Reporting and operating agency may vary at each site, based on monitor and parameter measured.

**Only photos from the previous 5 years are available online.

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