Technical Evaluation of Options to Reduce Locomotive and Railyard Emissions

This page last reviewed August 31, 2009
Preliminary Draft - For Discussion Purposes Only

Technical Options to Achieve Additional Emissions and Risk Reductions from California Locomotives and Railyard
(Draft Report: 
PDF - 2.9mb )

      Executive Summary (PDF - 53k)

      I.  Introduction (PDF - 150k)

      II.  Locomotive Options (PDF - 358k)

      III.  Railyard Options (PDF - 250k)

      IV.  Advanced Systems Options for Locomotives and Railyards (PDF - 570k)

      V.  Railyard Operational and Physical Changes (PDF - 97k)

      Appendices (PDF - 1.5mb)

Public Comments:

Alternative Hybrid Locomotive Technologies (Tom Mack, AHL-TECH) - (PDF - 16k)
The California Railroad Industry (PDF - 1.8mb)
South Coast Air Quality Management District (PDF - 1.4mb)
Southwest Research Institute (Steve Fritz, SwRI) (PDF - 3.1mb)
Enviromental, Communities, and other organizations (PDF - 165k)

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