ARB Rulemaking Activity in 1993

This page last reviewed June 21, 2016

The following alphabetical list of all ARB rulemaking projects considered at 1993 Board Hearings provides links to the
rulemaking documents for each item.

Atmospheric Acidity (Hearing Date: April 08, 1993)

California Clean Air Act Fees (Hearing Date: April 08, 1993)

Certification Requirements for Low Emission Passenger Cars, Light-Duty Trucks, and Medium-Duty Vehicles (Hearing Date: January 14, 1993)

Criteria Area Designations (Hearing Date: November 18, 1993)

Federal Hazardous Air Pollutants as Toxic Air Contaminants (Hearing Date: April 08, 1993)

Hot Spots Criteria and Guidelines (Hearing Date: June 10, 1993)

Hot Spots Fees (Hearing Date: July 08, 1993)

Mitigation Transport Pollutants (Hearing Date: August 12, 1993)

On-Board Diagnostic System Requirements (OBD II) - Ford Motor Company Petition (Hearing Date: June 08, 1993)

Perchloroethylene - Airborne Toxic Control Measure (Hearing Date: October 14, 1993)

Transport Mitigation (Hearing Date: June 09, 1993)

Urban Transit Bus (Hearing Date: June 10, 1993)

Utility Engines Implementation Delay (Hearing Date: April 08, 1993)

Wintertime Oxygenate Program (Hearing Date: September 09, 1993)

If you have questions or comments regarding the above regulatory activity, but were unable to contact the individual 

listed as the contact for that rulemaking project, please contact Trini Balcazar at (916) 445-9564 or Nicole Hutchinson at (916) 322-6533.