ARB Rulemaking Activity in 1994

This page last reviewed October 9, 2013

The following alphabetical list of all ARB rulemaking projects considered at 1994 Board hearings provides links to the rulemaking documents for each item.
ACP for Consumer Products (Hearing Date: September 22, 1994)
Area Designations (Hearing Date: November 9, 1994)
California SIP (Hearing Date: November 9, 1994) 
CCAA Fee Regulations (Hearing Date: April 14, 1994)
Diesel Fuel Certification (Hearing Date: September 22, 1994)
Evaporative Emission Standards and Test Procedures (Hearing Date: February 10, 1994)
Implemenation Delay of PSI Program (Hearing Date: December 8, 1994)
M100 Fuel Methanol Specifications (Hearing Date: December 8, 1994)
OBD II (Hearing Date: December 8, 1994)
Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles (Hearing Date: January 13, 1994)
Predictive Model for Phase II RFG (Hearing Date: June 9, 1994)
SCAQMD's Reclaim Consideration (Hearing Date: March 10, 1994)
Small Refiner Diesel (Hearing Date: July 29, 1994)
Toxic Hot Spots Fee Regulation (Hearing Date: July 28, 1994)
Utility and Lawn and Garden Equipment Engines (Hearing Date: July 28, 1994)

If you have questions or comments regarding the above regulatory activity, but were unable to contact the individual listed as the contact for that rulemaking project, please contact Amy Whiting at (916) 322-6533.

ARB Rulemaking Activity