Final Report - Adequacy of California Ambient Air Quality Standards

This page reviewed November 24, 2009

The Children's Environmental Health Protection Act (SB 25, Escutia, 1999) required the Air Resources Board (ARB), in consultation with the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), to review all of California's health-based ambient air quality standards by December 31, 2000. The purpose of this review was to determine whether the standards adequately protect public health, including infants and children, with an adequate margin of safety. Based on the results of this review, staff found that several ambient air quality standards may be inadequate and should undergo full review. These findings were presented to the Board at its meeting of December 7-8, 2000. This review is in the staff report titled "Adequacy of California Ambient Air Quality Standards: Children's Environmental Health Protection Act" which can be downloaded below.

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