Review of the Ambient Air Quality Standard for Ozone

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Air Quality Advisory Committee (AQAC)
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The Air Quality Advisory Committee (AQAC) , a University of California appointed scientific peer review committee, independently evaluates the scientific basis of proposed recommendations for updating the ambient air quality standards.

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Air Quality Advisory Committee Meeting - Final Agenda

January 11-12, 2005 - Air Quality Advisory Committee Meeting

 The Air Quality Advisory Committee (AQAC) held a public meeting on January 11 and 12, 2005, to consider the staff recommendations for revising the California ambient air quality standard for ozone.
Staff from ARB and OEHHA summarized the draft staff report entitled "Review of the California Ambient Air Quality Standard for Ozone," which was released for public review June 21, 2004 (chapters 1-9 and 11-12), and August 21, 2004 (chapter 10). As part of its review, the AQAC heard an oral staff presentation on the standard review, took comments from the public, and provided staff with comments and identified sections of the draft staff report that need to be revised. The major conclusion from the meeting was that the report was well written and researched, and that the proposed revision to the State ozone standard was adequately supported. ARB and OEHHA staff have revised the report to address the comments of AQAC and the public. The AQAC findings are available below.
The meeting was attended by the public, environmental organizations, private industry, and air district personnel. Approximately 15 individuals representing a variety of interests addressed the committee during the public comment period on the second day of the meeting. Transcripts from the meeting as well as copies of AQAC meeting presentations and the AQAC findings document are available below.

AQAC Findings

Transcripts for JANUARY 11, 2005 of the AQAC Meeting

Transcripts for JANUARY 12, 2005 of the AQAC Meeting

AQAC Meeting Presentations

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