Air Quality Advisory Committee (AQAC) Meeting Presentations

This page reviewed November 25, 2009.

This page contains the presentations from the recent Air Quality Advisory Committee (AQAC) meeting held on January 11 and 12, 2005.

The first presentation by ARB and OEHHA staff contains an overview of the standard-setting process and summurizes the draft staff report titled "Review of the California Ambient Air Quality Standard for Ozone" and recommendations for revisions to the ambient air quality standard for ozone. The second presentation is an overview of health-based information on ozone and the AQAC's recommendations. The final presentation is the ARB and OEHHA staff summary called "Summary of Public Comments and Responses."



Staff Recommendations

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AQAC Ozone Overview

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Comments and Responses

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For more information on review of the ozone ambient air quality standard, please contact
Dr. Deborah Drechsler at (916) 323-1526 or email at

Ambient Air Quality Standards Review
AQAC Summary