Public Comments and Responses for the Ozone Standard Review

This page reviewed November 25, 2009.

Posted on this page are the public comments received on the Draft Staff Report for the Ozone Standard review. The Ozone Standard Review Staff Report Summary of Comments are listed at the top of the page. The next set of comments are on the Draft Staff Report. The last set are comments on just the Health Benefits chapter of the Draft Staff Report.

Draft Ozone Standard Staff Report Summary of Comments and Responses

Comments on the Draft Staff Report

Comments from Individual Members of the Public

Dr. David V.Bates

Jean King

Irma "Bee" Dombrowsky

Maureen Kleppe

Doug and Lee Buckmaster

Jeannine Koshear

"E. F."

Alexandra Lamb

John Fischer

"Hal Levin"

Laura Herndon

Erin Morita

"M.L. Heller"

David Osteraas

Alex Jelinek

"David Schonbrunn"

Jim Gray

Carl Selnick

Comments on Chapter 10 - Health Benefits

For more information on the review of the ozone ambient air quality standard, please contact
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