Report to the Air Quality Advisory Committee (AQAC):
Proposal to Establish a 24-Hour Standard for PM2.5 - March 12, 2002

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ARB / OEHHA Report on Particulate Matter Ambient Air Quality Standards - Draft Proposal for a 24-Hour Standard for PM2.5 - The Staff of the Air Resources Board (ARB) and Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) are currently reviewing the scientific literature regarding the health effects of Particulate Matter (PM) and the establishment of ambient air quality standards for PM based upon the literature review. In the Initial Report to the Air Quality Advisory Committee (November 30, 2001), ARB and OEHHA staff did not propose a specific 24-hour standard for PM2.5. At their January 23-24, 2002, meeting, the Air Quality Advisory Committee (AQAC) unanimously recommended that staff develop such a standard, and suggested several possible approaches. Responding to the Committee's concerns and suggestions, OEHHA and ARB staff members have developed the proposal found below. The draft proposal will be reviewed by the Air Quality Advisory Committee at their April 3, 2002, meeting in Oakland, California.

Draft 24-Hour PM2.5 Proposal
Comments received by the close of business on Monday, March 25, 2002, will be forwarded to the Air Quality Advisory Committee for consideration at their April 3, 2002, meeting. There will be a time period for public comments at the AQAC meeting. After the AQAC meeting, all public comments will be considered by the ARB and OEHHA in subsequent revisions of the document, with a final draft Report scheduled to be released to the public at the beginning of May 2002. All public comments will be accepted up to and including the Board meeting scheduled for June 20, 2002.

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