Research Idea Solicitation

This page last reviewed October 11, 2016


We accept research ideas year round through our website at

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The mission of the Air Resources Board's (Board or ARB) research program is to provide the highest quality scientific information and technology possible for actions to protect the health of the people and the environment of California from the effects of air pollution and climate change. As part of the process of developing the Annual Research Plan, ARB considers research ideas from the public, which may become the basis for public solicitations or interagency agreements the following Summer and Fall.  Research ideas must be submitted in the form of 200 word descriptions that are consistent with ARB's research interests and will support the Board's research mission.


The Air Resources Board solicits ideas for the following Fiscal Year Research Plan, but the timing of the solicitations varies slightly from year to year. Research ideas may become the basis for public solicitations or interagency agreements the following year. An e-mail will be sent to all parties signed up on the research listserv and to various University Research Departments. The solicitation period generally runs for at least one month. A specific deadline is identified in the official Research Idea Solicitation Notice.


The Board is primarily interested in projects that will assist in addressing the future research needs in the general areas of Health and Air Quality Standards, Exposure Assessment, Technology Advancement and Pollution Prevention, and Global Climate Change. However, research ideas outside of the key areas of interest will also be considered. The nature and scope of proposed research concepts will vary as will the size and duration of the project. While there is no minimum or maximum funding amount that may be suggested for the conduct of the proposed research, suggested budgets are expected to be consistent with our historical levels. The Board's research budget is approximately $5 million dollars per year and typically supports about 25 projects with 2 to 3 year durations.


Proponents should submit research ideas via the submission website: Research ideas are reviewed by ARB staff and, if selected for funding, will be presented to ARB's Board as part of the next Annual Research Plan.  Once approved by the Board, ARB staff will either work with the proponents to turn the research ideas into full project proposals, solicit the University of California and California State University systems for proposals to become interagency agreements, or develop competitive solicitations known as Requests For Proposals (RFP).

For more information about air pollution research, contact Annalisa Schilla at (916) 322-8514.