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Each Research Plan document can be downloaded from the links located on this webpage. The detailed list of contracts resulting from the 2013/14, 2012/13, 2011/12, and 2010/11 Plans are provided below.


Below is the list of projects that were approved by the Board for the

2013-2014 Research Plan (PDF, 375 KB)

Project Title Board Approval Contractor Funding Amount Contract Information
Air Quality Impacts of Low Vapor Pressure-Volatile Organic Compounds 13-22 UC Riverside $405,338 ARB #13-302
Environmental Fate of Low Vapor Pressure - Volatile Organic Compounds from Consumer Products: A Modeling Approach 13-23 UC Davis $200,000 ARB #13-304
Co-Exposure to PM and O-3: Pulmonary C Fiber Platelet Activation in Decreased HRV 13-26 UC Davis $600,782 ARB #13-311
Collection of Activity Data From On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles 13-21 UC Riverside, CE-CERT $323,715 ARB #13-301
The Future of Drop-In Fuels:  Life-Cycle Cost and Environmental Impacts of Bio-Based Hydrocarbon Fuel Pathways 13-19 UC Berkeley $400,000 ARB #13-308
Cardiovascular Effects of Multipollutant Exposure: Mechanisms and Interactions 13-24 UC Irvine $740,425 ARB #13-309
The Feasibility of Renewable Natural Gas as a Large-Scale, Low-Carbon Substitute 13-20 UC Davis $330,934 ARB #13-307
Examining Factors that Influence ZEV Sales in California 13-18 UC Los Angeles $302,993 ARB #13-303
Effectiveness of Sound Wall-Vegetation Combination Barriers as Near-Roadway Pollutant Mitigation Strategies 13-28 UC Los Angeles $516,139 ARB #13-306
Developing a New Methodology for Analyzing Potential Displacement 13-25 UC Berkeley $649,264 ARB #13-310


Below is the list of projects that were approved by the Board for the

2012-2013 Research Plan (PDF, 2.72 MB)

Project Title Board Approval Contractor Funding Amount Contract Information
Technical Analysis of Vehicle Load-Reduction Potential for Advanced Clean Cars 13-11 Control-Tec, LLC $162,120 ARB #13-313
Advanced Plug-In Electric Vehicle Usage and Charging Behavior 12-45 UC Davis $649,997 ARB #12-319
Investigating Semi-Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles 13-12 UC Berkeley $500,000 ARB #12-318
Measuring Real-World Emissions from the On-Road Heavy-Duty Truck Fleet 12-39 UC Berkeley $450,000 ARB #12-315
Life Cycle Assessment and Co-benefits of Cool Pavements 12-42 LBNL $450,000 ARB #12-314
Evaluating the Benefits of Light Rail Transit 12-40 UC Irvine $200,000 ARB #12-313
Improving Chemical Mechanisms for Ozone and Secondary Organic Carbon 12-44 UC Davis $450,024 ARB #12-312

Identifying Urban Designs and Traffic Management Strategies for Southern California that Reduce Air Pollution Exposure

12-47 UC Los Angeles $388,001 ARB #12-308
Very Low PM Measurements for Light-Duty Vehicles (E-99) 12-43 UCR $100,000 ARB #12-320
Evaluating Technologies and Methods to Lower Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Heavy-Duty Vehicles 13-27 Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) $1,599,744 ARB #13-312
Measuring Real-World Emissions from the On-Road Passenger Car Fleet 12-38 University of Denver $75,000 ARB #12-303


Below is the list of projects that were approved by the Board for the

2011-2012 Research Plan (PDF, 1.58 MB)

Project Title Board Approval Contractor Funding Amount Contract Information
Modeling the formation and evolution of secondary organic aerosol during CalNex 2010 Resolution 12-3 University of Colorado $350,000 ARB #11-305
Atmospheric measurement and inverse modeling to improve greenhouse gas emission estimates Resolution 12-5 Lawrence Berkeley National Labs $680,000

ARB #11-306

Assessment of the emissions and energy impacts of biomass and biogas use in California Resolution 12-9 UC Irvine $167,497 ARB #11-307
Emissions of potent greenhouse gases from appliance and building waste in landfills Resolution 12-15 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo $299,826 ARB #11-308
Investigate the durability of diesel engine emissions controls Resolution 12-12 University of Denver $289,678 ARB #11-309
Reducing air pollution exposure in passenger vehicles and school buses Resolution 12-2 UC Los Angeles $150,000 ARB #11-310
Reducing in-home exposure to air pollution Resolution 12-1 Lawrence Berkeley National Labs $1,300,863 ARB #11-311
Effects of complete streets on travel behavior Resolution 12-18 UC Los Angeles $250,000 ARB #11-312
Evaluating mitigation options of nitrous oxide emissions in California cropping systems Resolution 12-8 UC Davis $400,000 ARB #11-313
Source speciation of Central Valley GHG emissions using in-situ measurments of volatile organic compounds Resoultion 12-6 UC Berkeley $360,000 ARB #11-315
Development of a new methodology to characterize truck body types along California freeways Resolution 12-7 UC Irvine $350,000 ARB #11-316
Modeling household vehicle and transportation choice and usage Resolution 12-17 UC Davis $299,900 ARB #11-322
Quantifying the comprehensive greenhouse gas co-benefits of green buildings Resolution 12-16 UC Berkeley $180,000 ARB #11-323
Benefits of high efficiency filtration to children with asthma Resolution 12-13 UC Davis $3,350,000 ARB #11-324
Quantification of the emission reduction benefits of mitigation strategies for dairy silage Resolution 12-14 UC Davis $400,000 ARB #11-325
Analyzing the economic benefits and costs of smart growth strategies Resolution 12-19 UC Berkeley $330,000 ARB #11-326


Below is the list of projects that were approved by the Board for the

2010-2011 Research Plan (PDF, 395KB)

Project Title Board Approval Contractor Funding Amount Contract Information

Season- and location-specific systemic health effects of ambient PM

Resolution 11-7

UC Davis


ARB #10-302

Risk of pediatric asthma morbidity from multipollutant exposures

Resolution 11-14

UC Irvine


ARB #10-319

Investigation of persistent immune effects of acute PM exposure during early life and development of a biomarker for lung function decline

Resolution 11-6

UC Davis


ARB #10-303

Evaluation of secondary pollutant emissions from portable air cleaners

Resolution 11-17



ARB #10-320

Characterization and mitigation of volatile organic compound emissions from dairy silage sources (project and resulting contract established in 2012 Plan)

Resolution 12-14

UC Davis


ARB #11-325

Developing, validating and implementing a process modeling system for California agriculture greenhouse gas inventories

Resolution 11-13

University of New Hampshire


ARB #10-309

Probing the intrinsic ability of particles to generate reactive oxygen species

Resolution 11-10

UC Los Angeles


ARB #10-314

Understanding primary organic aerosol volatility at atmospherically realistic concentrations of SIP analysis

Resolution 11-5

UC Davis


ARB #10-313

Development of innovative instrumentation to enable investigation of the relationship between SO2 and sulfate

Resolution 11-11

UC Riverside


ARB #10-312

Development of a high quality proportional gravimetric PM system for in-use emissions measurements at low emissions levels

Resolution 11-12

UC Riverside


ARB #10-311

Extended analysis of the CARES aerosol chemistry data to characterize the sources and processes of organic fine particulate matter

Resolution 11-8

UC San Diego


ARB #10-305

Synthesis of policy-relevant findings from the CalNex 2010 field study

Resolution 11-2



ARB #10-326

Developing databases to estimate California-specific climate forcing benefits of cool roofs

Resolution 11-18



ARB #10-321

The role of land use planning in reducing residential energy consumption and GHG emissions

Resolution 11-15

UC Berkeley


ARB #10-323

Development and evaluation of energy-efficient approaches to keeping building occupants cool using room air motion

Resolution 11-3

UC Berkeley


ARB #10-308

Using feedback from commercial buildings to support energy-conserving behavior at work and at home

Resolution 11-4

UC Berkeley


ARB #10-310

Reducing energy use through optimized communication of real-time residential energy usage information

Resolution 11-9

UC Los Angeles


ARB #10-332

Monitoring and evaluating behavioral change strategies that incorporate the resource developed by ARB

Resolution 11-16

UC Berkeley


ARB #10-325


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