ARCTAS California Workshop

This page last reviewed January 13, 2010

ARCTAS California Workshop
Preliminary Data Analysis
June 30, 2009 - July 1, 2009

June 30
10:10 Welcome to UC Davis Ian Faloona UC Davis
10:20 ARB and ARCTAS California Eileen McCauley ARB
10:30 Overview of ARCTAS California Hanwant Singh NASA
11:00 Design of ARCTAS California Flights Jim Pederson CARB
11:30 CalNex 2010 Tom Ryerson NOAA
11:45 LUNCH    
1:00 Analysis of RONO2 observations in the LA Basin Ron Cohen UCB
1:25 Methane observations and plume modeling data from AVIRIS/MASTER Imaging Remote Sensing, in situ airborne and nautical surface measurements: Ira Leifer UCSB
1:50 Sulfur and Methane Budget in Los Angeles Kathleen Spenser Cal Tech
Emissions of CH4 and CO in the Los Angeles Area Paul Wennberg Cal Tech
2:15 VOC-HOx-NOx- O3 chemistry and tracer relationships over California Hanwant Singh NASA
2:40 California P-3B measurements during ARCTAS-CARB: Flight patterns, example data, and potential analyses Phil Russell NASA
3:05 BREAK
3:25 Assessment of Anthropogenic and Biomass Burning Impact on Aerosol Properties over California as observed during ARCTAS/CARB Lee Thornhill NASA LaRC
3:50 Emission, boundary conditions and pollutant transport during ARCTAS/CARB: A regional-scale modeling study Min Huang UI
4:15 Case Study During Northern California Wildfires of June 2008 using TES data and RAQMS model results Gregory B. Osterman JPL
4:40 Analysis of the ARCTAS- Carb data using the regional WRF-Chem & global MOZART models Gabriele Pfister NCAR
5:05 O3 and CO from Bodega Bay and aloft: The photochemical boundary conditions of California Ian Faloona UCD
LBNL-NOAA-UCD GHG Measurements in Central California Marc Fischer UCB

July 1
8:00 CARB Simulation of ARCTAS-CA Measurements with MM5/CMAQ Modeling System Ajith Kaduwela ARB
9:00 Impact of Transported Background Ozone on Air Quality in California David Parrish NOAA
Discussion of further analysis
9:15 Improvement of emission inventory for Greenhouse gases
9:35 Characterization of non-urban emission source in California
9:55 BREAK
10:10 Characterization of offshore emissions, particularly sulfur species and emissions from ocean going vessels
10:30 Characterization of offshore boundary conditions.
10:50 Characterization of spatial difference in aerosol composition and chemistry
11:10 Workshop Conclusion Eileen McCauley ARB