Children's Health Study (CHS) Sites: October 2003 Fire - 24-Hour Average PM10 Values

This page updated September 7, 2010.

Below is a data plot of 24-hour average PM10 mass data from October 20 to November 1.
On this graph we have drawn in the Federal 24-hour average standard of 150 mg/m3 in red and the California State standard of 50 mg/m3 in pink.
The dark blue line on the left is the data from Lake Arrowhead's Rim of the World High School. The peak in the Lake Arrowhead data starting on October 21 reflects the onshore winds blowing the smoke from the beginnings of both the Padua fire and the Grand Prix fire into the Lake Arrowhead area.
Many of the fires around the L.A. Air Basin began or greatly expanded around October 25. The in-basin sites like Mira Loma and Upland had their biggest peaks during October 25 and 26. There was a peak in Long Beach on October 26 as well due to the Santa Ana or offshore wind condition blowing the smoke from the fires back through Long Beach and out to sea. Also notice the extremely high peak levels of PM10 mass during the period between October 25 and October 28 for all of the basin sites. The dip in the data on October 27 is due to the wind changing directions from an off-shore to an on-shore wind condition. The off-shore winds picked up again on the October 28 preceding the cool weather front.
A cool weather front came in late on October 28 and began to clear the air over the L.A. Basin. Rain began to fall on October 29 and by October 30 the rain had cleared the air in almost all of the basin sites.

The names in the map legend are linked to the graphs of the hourly PM10 mass data at each individual site.
Please click on the legend names to the right to view the single site data.

Graph of 24-hour average PM10 mass data of the CHS sites from October 20, 2003 to November 1, 2003.

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