EDRAM Modeling of RES

This page last reviewed June 1, 2010


California Air Resources Board uses the EDRAM model to conduct macroeconomic analysis for the California Renewable Electricity Standard (RES), which requires 33% of electricity consumption in California must be generated from renewable resources by 2020. Below is an application of EDRAM to the RES economic analysis, including EDRAM codes, RES-related modeling assumptions, modeling inputs, and modeling results.

EDRAM Documentation

EDRAM methodology and development notes were documented by UC Berkeley researchers.

EDRAM Model Package

The EDRAM programming codes (.zip file, 1,878 KB) are specifically for the RES analysis.

RES Modeling Assumptions and Inputs

Modeling the economic effect of RES needs to employ specifc assumptions and inputs to EDRAM.

RES Modeling Results

The RES modeling results (.zip file, 198 KB) are derived from running EDRAM with RES assumpitons and inputs..
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