Economics Research Activities

This page updated August 28, 1998.

The California Legislature has declared that an effectrive research program is an integral part of the Air Resources Board's effort to protect and enhance the ambient air quality in California. Therefore, the Legislature annually provides funds in support of an extramural research program in the Board's Research Division. 

This state-supported program includes the coordination and collection of research data on specific problems such as the effects of air pollution on human health and comfort, plants and animals, reduction of visibility, economic analysis, mathematical model development, alternatives to agricultural burning, the consequences of various alternative solutions to specific air pollution problems and the identification of knowledge gaps. The Research Division's Economic Studies Section has been actively involved in this program since 1978. Studies have been initiated and completed in the areas of economic incentives for the reduction of emissions, forecasting economic activity for the estimation of future emissions, mathematical models for enhanced socioeconomic impact analysis and transportation strategies related to emission reduction. 

A summary of the more recently completed contracts can be viewed at the Economics Research Summary page. All economics related research projects can also be viewed in the Research Projects Database - Economics Research Results. Refined searches have been created and can be viewed by clicking on the following links: