Biogenic Working Group Introduction
November 16, 1999

This page updated December 27, 2005.

Biogenic Working Group Introduction

Attached please find the two key documents that describe our approach to biogenic emissions inventory development and act as preparatory materials. The core group document describes the structure of our approach and the Air and Waste Management paper keys on developments related to the 1997 Southern California Ozone Study (SCOS97).
The original goals of the research program encompassed the SCOS97 domain as a demonstration of the simulation building program. However, simulation of biogenic emissions for all of California has always been the primary directive of our group. Our currently secondary directive focuses on aerosols in the ultra fine range and their relationship with biota to determine what background levels are and how to tease out any signature due to biota and geological sources to better differentiate anthropogenic influences. In this process, we hope to develop vegetation maps and leaf biomass databases to create the backbone for fire simulation, smoke projection, and visibility degradation programs in California.
For the next two years, the focus of the program would be on developing Biogenic Emissions through Geographic Information Systems (BEIGIS) for the SCOS97 domain, validating it and beginning the task of a systematic upgrade of our processes for California's central valley. Please also note that our focus currently is on isoprene and terpenes, but that oxygenated compounds and in particular pine emissions of 2-methyl-2-ol-butene ("methyl butenol") would gradually be integrated into BEIGIS.
Further ecosystem modules to estimate leaf temperature and fluxes of ozone, water vapor, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons, would in time be integrated into BEIGIS. In the long run, BEIGIS would evolve into Net Effects of Biota GIS (NEBGIS) simulation process incorporated emissions, deposition, and transport matrices into and out of the air compartment.
With this brief introduction, I welcome you to our group and hope to benefit from your participation and your wise counsel.

For further information, please contact Ash Lashgari at (916) 323-1506.

Biogenic Working Group