Health Benefits Study

This page updated May 13, 2004

This pilot study will attempt to quantify the heath benefits from improvements in air quality in a large population. The results from this pilot study, expected in 2005, will add to ARB's knowledge about the benefits of improving air quality in the South Coast Air Basin.
The objective of this project is to quantify the extent to which changes in the gradual but significant decreases in air pollution in the South Coast Air Basin (Los Angeles area) over the period 1980-2000 are associated with health of the population during this period. The health indicators that will be evaluated are the rates of mortality from all causes and the rates of mortality and morbidity from fifteen specific cardiac, cardiovascular, and respiratory conditions. The economic benefits of the reduced mortality and morbidity rates found to be associated with the improvements in air quality will be evaluated.
Progress Made (as of December 2003)
An External Advisory Committee (EAC) of seven experts in the fields of epidemiology, statistics, public health, and exposure modeling was formed, met with study investigators and provided comments to the investigators on their study plan.
Exposure and air quality databases have been compiled and mapped onto grids. Health and demographic databases have been gathered as well. Programming for descriptive analysis has begun. The Research Team has teleconferenced with the EAC and a meeting is being planned to share and review the preliminary results in Fall 2004.

Research Activities