2002 Winners of the Annual Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards

This page last reviewed January 7, 2014

Ms. Mary Nichols - for her work in Environmental Policy

Mary Nichols photoMs. Mary Nichols, current Chairman of the Board, has spent more than three decades as a leader of environmental organizations, and state and federal agencies. Ms. Nichols has been instrumental in helping to forge the nationís, as well as the rest of the worldís, approach to environmental protection and to establish California as the environmental benchmark for the rest of the world. She took part in the California clean air movement in the early 1970s. Besides her accomplishments in the federal government and environmental organizations, her lasting impacts on Californiaís path to clean air were made during her previous tenure as the Chair of the Air Resources Board, from 1978-1983, and Secretary of Environmental Affairs. Ms. Nichols continues to lead the efforts to set environmental policies that have balanced approaches to improve public health and environmental quality with economic viability.

Dr. James Pitts - for his work in Air Pollution Research

James Pitts photoDr. James Pitts has committed over 50 years of his career to promote and advance the cause of clean air. He is an internationally renowned atmospheric chemist. Following Dr. Haagen-Smitís work on the mechanism of smog formation, Dr. Pitts led the efforts to establish the Statewide Air Pollution Research Center at the University of California, Riverside and served as the Centerís Director for 18 years. Under his leadership, research flourished and has provided much of the basis for our understanding of air pollution and its control. He mentored many scientists who also became productive and distinguished researchers in the field.

Dr. Pitts has served on various committees and advisory boards related to air quality. He is a great lecturer and educator, an author and editor of numerous scientific publications, and a strong advocate of clean air.

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