2003 Winners of the Annual Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards

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Dr. John H. Seinfeld - for his work in Air Pollution Research

John H. Seinfeld photoDr. John Seinfeld is the Louis E. Nohl Professor in the Divisions of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Engineering and Applied Science at the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Seinfeld is widely acknowledged for his pioneering research in the field of atmospheric science, and academic role in mentoring many of today’s leading scientists. Through both experimental and theoretical studies, he has made numerous contributions to our knowledge of the chemistry of the urban atmosphere, the formation, growth, and dynamics of atmospheric aerosols, and the role of aerosols in climate. His contributions in the last three decades have made a significant impact on the way air pollution research is conducted, and how air pollution control strategies are formulated.


Michael P. Walsh - for his work in Mobile Source Emission Reductions

Michael P. Walsh photoMr. Michael Walsh is an internationally recognized advocate for regulating mobile source emissions. He has served as a technical and policy consultant to many foreign governments and industries in Asia, Europe, and South America. He is instrumental in leapfrogging the transfer of state-of-the-science mobile source control strategies and technologies around the world especially for developing nations. As an executive staff member at the U.S. EPA, Mr. Walsh played a key role in spearheading the federal program in reducing emissions from diesel engines. Through his ability to make technical information easy to understand and to convince policymakers to take the proper course of action, many developing countries have begun to implement effective mobile source control programs that will result in improved air quality for people around the world.

V. John White - for his work in Environmental Policy

V. John White photoMr. John White is a major player in many landmark clean air policies enacted in California. He has worked fervently behind the scenes in the passage of the California Clean Air Act, the Toxic Air Contaminant Identification and Control Act (AB1807), Carl Moyer Program, and others. Recently, he played a key role in the passage of the Pavley Bill (AB1493) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles. Mr. White has been an ardent environmentalist in California for the past 20 years. His dedication to clean air causes has promoted a solid foundation for the continued protection of air quality and public health in California.

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