Maximus Stop-Fill Unit

This page updated May 18, 2007.

The ADEPT Group, Inc.

Maximus Stop-Fill Unit

Technology and Innovation
ASCENT (Adept Science and Technologies, LLC) has developed a unique technology, Maximus™, that eliminates emissions of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) from the “outage gauge” at the end of fills of storage tanks. The Maximus™ stop-fill instrument works analogously to a physician’s stethoscope. It uses proprietary acoustic sensors to signal when the LPG has reached a predetermined maximum fill level inside storage tanks. The Maximus™ would allow residential LPG tanks to be filled with the outage gauge closed, thus eliminating the emissions from refilling.
Emission Benefit
LPG is made up of volatile organic compounds (VOCs),10 percent to 15 percent of which are highly reactive. The Maximus™ system, when fully implemented could save California eliminate 50 tons of LPG per day.
Project Description
ICAT funds would be dedicated to the finalization, demonstration, and commercialization of Maximus™ stop-fill instruments. Fifteen (15) Maximus™ instruments will be built for use in the ICAT project. Most will be used for field tests and demonstrations with two LPG suppliers. ADEPT will supervise and monitor these activities.

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