Zeolite Concentrator for VOC Emissions

This page updated November 18, 2005.

Alzeta Corporation

Zeolite Concentrator for VOC Emissions

CARB Grant Number 98-346

Thermal oxidation and catalytic oxidation are commonly used to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOC) from industrial sources. However, the fuel per pound of VOC destroyed is costly when there are large flows of dilute VOCs. In these cases, it is more cost-effective to concentrate the VOCs before oxidation. Alzeta makes systems that use a zeolite adsorber wheel to concentrate the VOCs emitted, prior to oxidation. For this project, Alzeta is bonding the zeolite to a graded cell structure that doubles the adsorption capacity. The resulting system will be demonstrated for the semiconductor industry; other potential applications may be in the printing and coating industries. The technology should eliminate a significant amount of VOCs emissions, and result in cost savings due to the reduced need for fuel.

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