Electric Diesel Particulate Filter

This page updated December 1, 2006.

Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls, LLC

Electric Diesel Particulate Filter Demonstration

 CARB Grant Number ICAT 04-02

The statements and conclusions in this Report are those of the grantee and not necessarily those of the California Air Resources Board. The mention of commercial products, their source, or their use in connection with material reported herein is not to be construed as actual or implied endorsement of such products.

Technology and Innovation

Cleaire received an ICAT grant from the ARB to develop and demonstrate an electric particulate filter (EPF) for retrofit applications on in-use diesel engines. The primary objectives of the project were to develop a robust product, design and install the necessary regenerative infrastructure, demonstrate the technology in field trials and validate the emission performance in laboratory testing.

The ICAT project was comprised of five major tasks over a one-year time frame:

  1. Build prototype and regeneration emissions testing.

  2. Installation of regenerative infrastructure.

  3. Installation of EPF on demonstration vehicles.

  4. Field testing of technology.

  5. Dynamometer emission testing, final report and technical seminar.
Project Description

Cleaire built and tested prototype systems before the ICAT project formally began and refined the product prior to the ICAT field demonstrations and testing. The six-month field trial on a school bus operated by the Elk Grove School District (Sacramento County) provided rigorous testing of the:

  • Components of the EPF System

  • Control System Algorithm that Notifies the User to Plug in the System (A Flashing Amber Light)

  • Operator's Response to the Flashing Amber Light (To Plug in the System)

  • Design and Operation of the Regenerative Infrastructure

  • Vehicle's Typical Operating Range (No Noticeable Effect from the EPF)

The EPF system and regenerative infrastructure performed as designed. Furthermore, the school district was so pleased with the vehicle's operations and the EPF's performance that it purchased and installed a total of 49 systems.

The regeneration emission testing showed no adverse emissions during the regeneration process. The chassis dynamometer testing validated the greater than 85 percent PM removal by the EPF. Additionally, the dynamometer testing showed a high level of NO2 reduction from the EPF allowing it to meet Level 3+ performance.

Cleaire was able to use the ICAT project to validate that the EPF is a commercially ready Level 3+ device for wide-spread application on in-use diesel engines. Tasks, goals and results are summarized in this final report, which completes the ICAT project.

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