Field Demonstration of a Prototype Super Boiler

This page updated December 22, 2005.

Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

Field Demonstration of a Prototype Super Boiler

Technology and Innovation
GTI and Cleaver-Brooks have developed a new gas-fired steam generation system -- the Super Boiler -- for increased energy efficiency, reduced equipment size, and reduced emissions. The system consists of a firetube boiler with a unique staged air furnace design, a two-stage burner system with internal recirculation and interstage cooling integral to the boiler, unique convective pass design with extended internal surfaces for enhanced heat transfer, and a novel integrated heat recovery system to extract maximum energy from the flue gas. With these combined innovations, the Super Boiler is capable of 94% HHV fuel efficiency, can operate on natural gas with 5 ppmv NOx and CO (ref 3% O2), and will be 50% smaller than conventional boilers of similar steam output.
The clean combustion is enabled by the integrated design of the boiler / combustion system, which permits precise control of peak flame temperatures in both primary and secondary stages of combustion. Furthermore, this performance is achieved at low excess air - less than 3% O2 - for optimal energy efficiency.
This commercial prototype will be sized for 250 HP to 300 HP (10 to 15 million Btu/h), and the demonstration will be done concurrently with further design development of the two-stage integrated system, which will then be taken to field demonstration six to 12 months later. This proposed project is intended to support a California field demonstration of the fully developed two-stage Super Boiler in 2006-2007. The 250 HP commercial prototype boiler will be installed at a commercial, industrial, or institutional host site in California. Field demonstration will consist of parametric and life-cycle tests of up to 12 months. At the conclusion of the demonstration period, the host site will have the option to purchase the Super Boiler for continued operation at its facility.

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Cleaver-Brooks Division of Aqua-Chem Inc.
and Southern California Gas Company


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