Off-Road Retrofit SCRT

This page updated April 19, 2007.

Johnson Matthey

Off-Road Retrofit SCRT Demonstration

Technology and Innovation
JMís innovation is a complex control system algorithm that precisely delivers urea to JMís proprietary SCR catalyst without ďammonia slip.Ē
Emission Benefit
The innovation can facilitate the use of SCR on off-road diesel vehicles to control NOx emissions.
Project Description
The objectives of this project are to demonstrate the performance and durability of the SCRT system by installing it in a common application and monitoring its performance for 1,000 hours of operation. The performance goals are a consistent NOx reduction of 60% - 80% and PM, CO and HC reductions of >85%. The durability goal is to have the system operate for 1,000 hours without any significant failures. A significant failure would be defined as an event that permanently disables the system form performing its function.

Exhaust backpressure and temperatures will be continuously monitored to evaluate performance of the CRT filter as part of this system..

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