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Abstracts. Air & Waste Management Association1989, 1992, 1995
Abstracts. Air Pollution Control Association1966-1970, 1976-1977, 1980-82, 1984-85, 1987-88
Aerosol Science and Technology
print: 1986–current; online: 1982–current
Air & Water Pollution: An International Journalprint: 1958-1966
The Air Pollution Consultantprint: Nov/Dec 1991-Dec 1992 and 2009-2010
Air Pollution Control Association. Final Program1981, 1984
Air Pollution Control Association. Meeting Papers1953-76
Air pollution Foundation Reportsprint: 1954-1961
Air Pollution Quarterlyprint: 1972-1976
Air Quality and Meteorologyprint: 1973-Sept. 1982
Air Quality Dataprint: 1953-1971
Air/Water Pollution Report's Environment Weekprint: Dec. 1985-1997
Alcohol Weekprint: Aug. 1983-July 1989 (missing 1986)
Ambioprint: 1980-Feb. 2004
American Heritage of Invention and Technologyprint: 1992-1998
American Industrial Hygiene Association Journalprint: 1985-2003
American Journal of Epidemiology
print: February 1987–2013 (selections from 1979); online: 1997–current
American Journal of Public Health (AJPH)
print: July 2005–current; online: 1997–current
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (AJRCCM)
print: 1994–current (selections from 2000-2002); online: 1997–current
American Review of Respiratory Diseaseprint: 1980-1993
The American Statistician
print: Feb. 1985–Aug. 1999 and 2009; online: 2005–current
Analytical Chemistry
print: 1980–Aug.15, 2003 (selections from 1984-1987); online: 1996–current
Annals of EpidemiologyPrint: 2011-2013 (missing select issues)
Annals of the American Thoracic Society (formerly Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society)
print: selections from 2004-2009; online: 2004-current
Annual Report of the State Oil & Gas Supervisorprint: 1976-2000
Annual Review of Gasoline Qualityprint: 1955-1963
Archives of Environmental Healthprint: 1962-2004 (missing 1973/1974/1976/1993-1997)
Atmospheric Environment
print: 1972–Feb. 2005 and Nov. 2007-Jan. 2014; online: 2000–current
Automotive Engineering Internationalprint: 2000-2007 and Feb. 2009
Automotive Newsprint: 2005–2006 and 2008-current
Autoweekprint: 2000–Nov. 2006 (selections from 2005-2006)
BioCycleprint: 1990–March 2005
Bloomberg Businessweekprint: Aug 2010-Feb 2013
Boardwatch Magazineprint: Sep. 1996-Aug. 2000 selections
The Bridgeprint: Fall 1993, Spring 1995, Summer 2000-Fall 2001, Spring 2010-current
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination & Toxicology
online: 1997-current
California & Metro Forecastprint: 2009–current
California Agriculture
print: January 1980–current (selections from 2004-2009); online: open access
California Air Environmentprint: April/July 1969-Summer 1978 and Winter/Spring 1980
California Air Quality Dataprint: 1968-1997
California ARB Bulletinprint: Nov. 1967-Jan. 1982
California Environmental Compliance Monitorprint: April 3, 1995-Dec. 15, 1997
California Environmental Insiderprint: Aug. 1987–current (missing 2005-2006)
California Journalprint: 1983-Jan. 2005
Canadian Journal of Forest Researchprint: 1991-2002
Car and Driverprint: 2000-June 2004
Chemical Engineeringprint: 2000–current (missing 2006/2009)
Chemical Engineering Progressprint: 2000-Nov. 2004 and selections from 2005-2010
Chemical Industries Newsletterprint: 1979-1995
Chemical Innovation (formerly: Chemtech)print: 1980-2001
print: 1980-Feb. 2003 (missing 1995-1998); online: 2000-current
The Clean Air Quarterlyprint: Summer 1957-1968
Clean Air Timesprint: 1984-May 2001
online: 2008-current
Climatic Change
print: January 2006–January 2010; online: 2000–current
Commercial fertilizers ; agricultural minerals. 1904-1945 (some missing issues)
Compressed Airprint: April 1991-March 2000
Consumer ReportsPrint: April 2016- current
Contemporary Economic Policy
online: 1997-current
Diesel and Gas Turbine Worldwideprint: June 1986-1997 selections
Diesel Progress Engines & Drivesprint: Sept. 1991-April 1998
Down to Earthprint: Nov. 2003–Oct. 1 2012 (selections from 2004/2007)
Ecological Economicsprint: 1998-Oct. 2004, Nov. 2006-Feb. 2008
Ecological Engineeringprint: Aug. 2001-March 2002
The Ecologistprint: Nov/Dec 1988 and 1992-1998
Ecology Law Quarterlyprint: 1971-1989 and 2001
Economic Indicatorsprint: 1983-June 2001 (selections from 1988-1991) (missing 1986-1987)
The Economistprint: 2000-current, several missing
EEI Statistical Yearbook of the Electric Utility Industry (Edison Electric Institute)print: 1968-1972
Electric Power Monthly (EIA: Energy Information Administration) print: 1983-1989
Electric Power Quarterlyprint: Oct. 1983-1993
EM: The Magazine for Environmental Managers
print: 1995-current; online: 1997-current (contact library for full text)
Energy Policy
online: 2000-current
Engineering News Recordprint: 2001-2006
Environmentprint: 1993-Feb 2004
Environment & Energy Daily
online: 2007-current
Environmental Forumprint: 1982-1984
Environmental Health Letterprint: 1991-2004
Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP)
print: 1985 – current; online: open access
Environmental Health Perspectives Supplementsprint: 1990-2002
Environmental Issues Reportprint: 1992-1995
Environmental Lawprint: 1991-2000
Environmental Law Newsprint: Winter 1993-Fall 1996
Environmental Management
print: 1994-March 2008; online: 2002-current
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
print: April 1981-Dec. 1993; online: 1997-2011
Environmental Professionalprint: 1982-1995
Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy
print: May 1989-Aug. 1995 and April 2003-2008; online: 1997-current
Environmental Protectionprint: Jan.-June 2004
Environmental Quality Management
print: Autumn 2000-Autumn 2008; online: 1997-current
Environmental Regulation and Permittingprint: Autumn 1996-Summer-2000
Environmental Research
print: 1985-Oct. 2002; online: 2000-current
Environmental Science & Technology
print: 1985-Feb. 2008; online: 2001-current
Environsprint: 1978-1982
Epidemiologic Reviewsprint: 1987-current, missing 1993, 1998
print: 1991-June 2010; online: 2000-current
F.W. Dodge California Construction Linkprint: Sep. 1999-June 2003
Fertilizing Materials1946-65 (some missing issues)
The Field Poll - California Pollprint: Feb. 1993-Feb. 2002
Fuel Reformulation (Hart's)print: 1991-1995 (missing select issues)
Gas Turbine Worldprint: 1985-2001
Geophysical Research Letters
print: 2001–2009; online: 2005-current
Global Climate Change Digestprint: May 1990-July 1998
Global Environmental Change Reportprint: 1992-1996
Government Technologyprint: July 2001-Dec. 2004
online: 2001-current
Hart's Fuel Technology & Managementprint: selections from 1996-1998
Hart's Oxy-Fuel Newsprint: Aug. 1994-July 2000
Harvard Business Review (HBR)
print: March 2002-current; online: June 2003-current (contact library for full text)
Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materialsprint: 1985-1996
Hazardous Waste Reportprint: Sept. 1981-May 1993
Hazmat World: The Magazine for Environmental Managementprint: 1990-Feb. 1993
Health Effects Institute Research Reportprint: 1985-2000
HilgardiaV.2-51 (1927-1983)
Home Energy Magazineprint: July 1993-2009 and selections from 2010
Hydrocarbon Processingprint: 1990-2000 and selections from 2001-2011
Indoor & Built Environment (former title: Indoor Environment)print: 1992-1997
Indoor Air
online: 1997-current
Industrial Finishing: Coatings Manufacturing and Applicationprint: 1991-March 1993
Inhalation Toxicology
print: 1989-current; online: 1997-current
Inside Cal/EPAprint: Sep. 2005-current
Inside EPA: Clean Air Reportprint: 1994–1996; March 2000–April 2003
International Journal of Chemical Kineticsprint: 1999-2000
ITE Journal (Institute of Transportation Engineers)print: selections from 1988-1992 and 1993-2003
JCT: Coatings Techprint: 2004-2005 and 2007-2008
JCT: Journal of Coatings Technologyprint: 1987-2003
Journal of Aerosol Science
online: 2000-current
Journal of Applied Meteorologyprint: 1992-Nov. 2002
Journal of Architectural Coatingsprint: March 2007-April 2009
Journal of Atmospheric Chemistryprint: 1983-2009
Journal of Chromatographic Scienceprint: 1995-2005 and 2007-2008
Journal of Climateprint: 1995-2002
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
print: 1974-Jan. 2006; online: 1995-current
Journal of Environmental Quality (JEQ)
print: April 1977-2008; online: 2001-current
Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology
print: April-June 1998 (J Expo Anal Environ Epidemiol); online: 1999-current
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (JGR)
print: 1992 – 2007 (select issues 1994); online: 1996-current
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences (JGR)
online: 2008-2009
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth surface (JGR)
online: 2008-2009
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans (JGR)
online: 2008-2009
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets (JGR)
online: 2008-2009
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid earth (JGR)
online: 2008-2009
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space physics (JGR)
online: 2008-2009
Journal of High Resolution Chromatography (HRC)print: Oct. 1984-2000 (missing 1986-1987)
Journal of Liquid Chromatographyprint: selections from 1985
The Journal of NIH Researchprint: Nov. 1991-1997 (selections from 1996)
Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (JOEM)
print: 1995-June 2011; online: 2007-2009
Journal of Protective Coatings & Liningsprint: Nov. 1999-March 2009 and selected issues from 1989-1995
Journal of Quality Technologyprint: 1985-1998
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
online: 2008-2009
Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association (JAWMA)
print: 1954-current; online: 1997-current
Journal of the American College of Toxicologyprint: 1984-1993
Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)print: 1990-Mar. 2015
Journal of the American Planning Associationprint: Autumn 1993-Winter 2002
Journal of the American Statistical Associationprint: March 1970-Dec. 1999
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciencesprint: 1970-2002
Journal of the National Cancer Instituteprint: Dec. 1982-July 1989
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Healthprint: 1984-1998
JPT: Journal of Petroleum Technologyprint: 1982-March 1985
The Lancet
print: 2000-current; online: 1996-current (contact library for full text)
The Lancet Global HealthJuly 2013
Library Journalprint: 1998-Oct. 1, 2003
Los Angeles Timesprint: current issue and previous 60 days
Lundberg Letterprint: Feb.1978-1980
Mainstreamprint: 1994-1998
Mass Transitprint: selections from 1988-1992
Mazingira: the International Magazine for Environment and Developmentprint: selections from 1977-1985
Metro Magazineprint: selected issues from Nov. 1993-1999 and Aug. 2003
Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change
print: 2008-Jan. 2010; online: 1997-current
Modern Paint and Coatingsprint: Feb. 1987-May 1990 and 1993-2000
Monthly Oil and Gas Production and Injection Reportprint: 1991-2000
Monthly Weather Reviewprint: 1979-2002
The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reportprint: 1990-July 2003
Motorprint: 1989-March 2004, selections from 2010-current
NADP/NTN Annual Data Summary: Precipitation Chemistry in the United States (National Atmospheric Deposition Program)print: 1978-1990
NASA Tech Briefsprint: 1978-1996
National Air Toxics Information Clearinghouse Newsletterprint: 1983-1986
National Cooperative Highway Research Program Reportsprint: 1977-1996
National GeographicJune 2013-current (issues available a few months after publication)
National Journalprint: 1993-Oct. 2003
National Petroleum News (NPN)print: 1994-2003
National Toxicology Program reportsprint: 1989-1992
National Weather Digest and Newsletterprint: 1976-1999
Natural Gas Fuelsprint: selections from1992-2005
The Natural Gas Monthlyprint: Feb. 1997-May 1991
print: 2000-Aug. 2010; online: 1997-current
Nature Climate Change
online: 2007-current
Nature ConservancyApril 2016 -
Nature Geoscience
online: 2008-current
New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)
print 1995-2013; online: 1993-current
New Fuels & Vehicles Reportprint: March 1993-1997
New Scientistprint: 2004-2007
NIOSH Current Intelligence Bulletinprint: 1978-1979
NTIS Alert: Environmental Pollution & Controlprint: 1991-2000
Oceanographic Monthly SummaryPrint: 1981-Nov. 1993
Oil & Gas Journalprint: 1988-July 2004
Pacific Oil Worldprint: Nov. 1978-1993
Paint and Coatings Industryprint: 2000-2005 and 2007-2008
Petroleum Marketing Monthlyprint: June 1994-2002
Physics Todayprint: Dec. 1996-July 2002
Pipeline and Gas Journalprint: 1994-Nov. 2002
Planningprint: 1995-2001
Pollution Engineeringprint: 1973-April 2004
Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS)
print: May 2005-March 19, 2013; online: 1915-current
Proceedings. Air & Waste Management Association82nd (1989)-88th (1995)
Proceedings. Air Pollution Control Association.70th (1977)-81st (1988)
Quality Progressprint: 1990-April 1998
Quarterly Financial Report for Manufacturing, Mining, and Trade Corporations (QFR)print: 1984-1986
Quarterly Oil Reportprint: 1982-1993
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacologyprint: Nov. 1985-April 1995
Reproductive Toxicologyprint: 1990-1994
Research-Technology Managementprint: 1984-1991
Risk Analysis
print: March 1983-Dec. 2009; online: 1997-current
The Sacramento Beeprint: current issue and previous 60 days
Sactownprint: June 2013-current
SAE papersprint: selections from 1965-2003
SAE standardsprint: selections from 1988-2005
San Francisco Chronicleprint: current issue and previous 60 days
print: 1985-current; online: 1995-current
Science News Magazine (SN)
print: 2004-current; online: 1997-current
Scientific Americanprint: 1995-current
Spray Technology & Marketingprint: May 2007-Nov. 2008 and Aug. 2009-current (missing select issues)
State Energy Data Reportprint: 1960-1995
Technology Reviewprint: 1982-Aug. 2010
Tobacco Controlprint: Summer 1996-Oct. 2006
Traffic Technology Internationalprint: selections from 1998-Jan. 2001
Transit Californiaprint: 1990-Feb. 2000
Transport Topicsprint: 1999-Feb. 2008
Transportation Research Board conference proceedings print: 1995
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice
online: 2000-2011
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment
online: 2000-current
Transportation Research Record (TRR)2014-current (no. 2411- ) missing some issues
TRB papersprint: 1992
UCLA Anderson Forecastprint: Sep. 1992-Sep. 2003 and 2009-current (missing a few issues)
University of California, Berkeley, Wellness Letterprint: Feb. 2014-current
Utility Fleet Managementprint: June 1995-Jan. 2004 (missing a few issues)
Wall Street Journalprint: current issue and previous 60 days
Water, Air, and Soil Pollutionprint: 1981-1984
Weather and Forecastingprint: 1993-2002
Weatherwiseprint: 1948-April 1989

The collection includes 238 periodicals.