Lake Tahoe Atmospheric Deposition Study (LTADS)

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LTADS Workshop, Reports and Data

LTADS Workshop,
Reports and Data

  LTADS Workshop - The focus of this meeting was LTADS and the findings, but the outlook is about future research at Tahoe.

  CARB staff and its contractors conducted specialized measurements and analyses useful in addressing atmospheric processes related to emissions and atmospheric deposition. The topic, title, research group, and author(s) associated with each project are listed below, and, where available, electronic links are provided to the abstract and publication.

ARB Reports
  LTADS Final Report
    Front End - Abstract, Executive Summary, Table of Contents
    Ch_1 - Background
    Ch_2 - Atmospheric Processes
    Ch_3 - Concentrations
    Ch_4 - Dry Atmospheric Deposition
    Ch_5 - Wet Atmospheric Deposition
    Ch_6 - Transport
    Ch_7 - Source Characterization
    Ch_8 - Conclusions
    Appendix A - Dry Deposition Surrogate Surface Comparison
    Appendix B - Prior Aerosol Analysis
    Appendix C - PM Methods Evaluation
    Appendix D - Additional Meteorological Data Summaries
    Appendix E - Java Coding
    Appendix F - Monin-Obhukov
    Appendix G - Comments on LTADS Work Plan
    Appendix H - Staff Response to Major Comments on LTADS Interim Report
    Appendix I - UC Peer Review Comments on LTADS Draft Final Report
    Appendix J - Staff Response to Comments on LTADS Draft Final Report
    Appendix K - Additional Reading and Resources
    Appendix L - Estimates of Dry Deposition without Considering Depletion over Lake Tahoe

  LTADS Interim Report (Technical Memo)
    Ch_1 - Executive Summary
    Ch_2 - Method
    Ch_3 - Concentrations
    Ch_4 - Deposition Velocities
    Ch_5 - Annual Deposition Estimates
    Ch_6 - Discussion
    Ch_7 - References
    Appendix_I-a - UC Peer Review Comments
    Appendix I-b - Staff Response to UC Peer Review Comments
    Appendix II - Program Code
  LTADS Draft Work Plan

Contractor Reports
  1. Aircraft and Boat Measurements of Air Quality and Meteorology

"Keeping Tahoe Blue through Atmospheric Assessment: Aircraft and Boat Measurements of Air Quality and Meteorology near and on Lake Tahoe"
UC Davis (John J. Carroll, Cort Anastasio, and Alan J. Dixon)
ARB Contract No. 01-326

  2. Lake Tahoe Emissions Characterization

"Lake Tahoe Source Characterization Study"
Desert Research Institute (Hampden Kuhns, M.-C. Oliver Chang, Judith C. Chow, Vic Etyemezian, Lung-Wen Antony Chen, Nicholas Nussbaum, Suresh Kumar K. Nathagoundenpalayam, Dana Trimble, Steve Kohl, Mary MacLaren, Mahmoud Abu-Aliban, Jack Gillies, and Alan Gertler)
ARB Contract No. 01-734


"Improvement of PM Emission Inventory for the Lake Tahoe Region"
University of California, Riverside (Dennis Fitz and James Lents)
ARB Contract No. 01-733

  3. Characterization of Nitrogen Oxides

"Keeping Tahoe Blue: Quantifying Atmospheric Nitrogen Oxides in the Lake Tahoe Basin"
UC Berkeley (Ronald C. Cohen and Jennifer Murphy)
ARB Contract No. 01-327

  4. Transformation of Nitrogen Emissions during Transport to Tahoe Basin

"Chemistry and Transport of Nitrogen Oxides on the Western Slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains: Implications for Lake Tahoe"
UC Berkeley (Jennifer G. Murphy and Ronald C. Cohen)
ARB Contract No. 02-331

  5. Nitrate Source Characterization Using Isotopic Ratios
    "The Use of Multi-Isotope Ratio Measurements as a New and Unique Technique to Resolve NOx Transformation, Transport, and Nitrate Deposition in the Lake Tahoe Basin"
UC San Diego (Mark H. Thiemens and Greg Michalski)
ARB Contract No. 03-317

This work is not yet completed but a final report is expected in 2006.

The objectives of this project are to evaluate the isotopic composition of nitrate in Lake Tahoe and in aerosols and deposition collections obtained within the basin and on transects outside the region. Evaluating the isotopic composition of atmospherically produced nitrate and comparing it with that found in the Lake will quantify the flux of atmospheric N deposited on the Lake and can be used as tracer of nutrient fluxes over the course of the year.
  6. Chemical Analysis of LTADS Ambient and Source Samples

"Sampling and Analysis for Lake Tahoe Atmospheric Deposition Study"
Desert Research Institute (M. C. Oliver Chang, Judith C. Chow, Steven Kohl, Hal Voepel and John G. Watson)
ARB Contract No. 01-351

  7. Enhanced XRF Filter Analysis of LTADS PM Samples

"Quality Assurance Analysis of Filter Samples Collected during the Lake Tahoe Atmospheric Deposition Study Using Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence"
UC Davis (Steven S. Cliff)
ARB Contract No. 03-334

  8. Meteorological Measurements Aloft

"Radar Wind Profiler Support for the CARB Lake Tahoe Atmospheric Deposition Studies: 2002-2003"
NOAA (Clark W. King and Scott W. Abbott)
ARB Contract No. 01-342

  9. Evaluation of Forest Health

"Evaluation of Ozone and HNO3 Vapor Distribution and Ozone Effects on Conifer Forests in the Lake Tahoe Basin and Eastern Sierra Nevada"
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service (Andrzej Bytnerowicz, Michael Arbaugh, and Pamela Padgett)
ARB Contract No. 01 334

For questions concerning the Lake Tahoe Atmospheric Deposition Study, please contact:

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