Mobile Monitoring Research Project

This page last reviewed May 23, 2012

Several Toyota RAV 4 Electric Vehicles (EV) hav ebeen outfitted with an array of air monitoring instruments to measure greenhouse gases (GHG) and toxic air pollutants important to exposure and community health. Projects are currently underway to investigate pollutant levels near and on several freeways in the L.A. area, greenhouse gas emissions from poorly characterized sources, the effect of high emitting vehicles on short-term exposure, and community health monitoring.

  Much of the monitoring equipment has never been used in a mobile manner prior to these projects. Among the equipment in the RAV 4 EVs are NOx and CO analyzers, N2O and CO2 analyzer, a nephelometer, an aethalometer, PM10 and PM2.5 monitors, an ultrafine particle counter, and an ultrafine particle size classifier. The electric RAV 4 was selected for this project since it has an adequate interior volume for the monitoring equipment and has no emissions of its own to contaminate the samples being collected.   



The RAV 4 is modified to be an air sampling platform.




The RAV 4 gets the sampling equipment installed.




The RAV 4, charging and and calibrating at the "LA Supersite".

  ARB researchers prepare for a greenhouse gas field campaign.

Plot showing how the concentration of ultrafine particles changes
as a function of distance from a freeway in Santa Monica.

Links to projects involving the mobile platform include:
Harbor Communities Monitoring Study (HCMS)
ARB Board Hearing Presentation - Presented on August 14, 2003

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