Reactivity Research Advisory
Committee (RSAC) Meeting
October 8, 1999

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Air Resources Board

Reactivity Scientific Advisory Committee

The Reactivity Scientific Advisory Committee (RSAC) was established in April 1996 as a group of independent scientists who make non-binding recommendations to the California Air Resources Board (ARB) on the science related to hydrocarbon reactivity. The members of the RSAC are Professor John Seinfeld of the California Institute of Technology, Chairman; Professor Roger Atkinson of the University of California, Riverside; Professor Jack Calvert of the National Center for Atmospheric Research; Professor Harvey Jeffries of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Professor Jana Milford of the University of Colorado, Boulder and Professor Armistead Russell of the Georgia Institute of Technology.
The fourth meeting of the RSAC will be held on:


Friday, October 8, 1999


9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (PST)


University Extension
Conference Room E
1200 University Avenue
Riverside, California

The University Extension is west of the freeway, in Building 56.
The meeting agenda will include the Committee's comments on Dr. William Stockwell's report, "Review of the Updated Maximum Incremental Reactivity Scale Published by Dr. William Carter in August 1998" as well as other items which are yet to be determined. The final agenda and copies of Dr. Stockwell's report will be available at RSAC's home page located at by close of business on October 1, 1999. If you have any questions regarding the RSAC meeting, please contact Eileen McCauley, Research Division, at (916) 323-1534 or by email at After the initial discussion of each topic by the committee members, members of the public will be given an opportunity to comment.

Michael P. Kenny
Executive Officer

Reactivity Scientific Advisory Committee