Stockwell Report on Reactivity
September 24, 1999

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Dr. William R. Stockwell's Report:
"Review of the Updated Maximum Incremental Reactivity Scale"
Published by Dr. William Carter in August 1998

The report is available in PDF format, either as a complete document or in seven smaller sections.

Complete Report

complete.pdf (PDF - 545 KB)

Section One

section_1.pdf (PDF - 13 KB)

Section Two

section_2.pdf (PDF - 17 KB)

Section Three

section_3.pdf (PDF - 102 KB)

Section Four

section_4.pdf (PDF - 101 KB)

Section Five

section_5.pdf (PDF - 111 KB)

Section Six

section_6.pdf (PDF - 13 KB)

Section Seven

section_7.pdf (PDF - 215 KB)

Appendix A of the report links to the drafts of Dr. William P.L. Carter's mechanism used for this review. The links point  to PDF files located on this website. However, if you would like to download them directly, they are available below:

January 9, 1999

A Listing of Model Species and
Kinetic Parameters of Base Mechanism

jan_09.pdf (PDF - 123 KB)

April 27, 1999

Chemical Mechanism Components

april27.pdf ( PDF - 296 KB)

May 27, 1999

Overview of Mechanism Generation System
and Discussion of Initial Reactions

may27.pdf (PDF - 271 KB)

July 3, 1999

Incomplete Draft of Documentation
of the SAPRC99

july3.pdf (PDF - 1,394 KB)

August 4, 1999

Incomplete Draft of Documentation
of the SAPRC99

aug4.pdf (PDF - 1,280 KB)

October 1999 RSAC Meeting