1997 Southern California Ozone Study - NARSTO
Clickmap V 1.0 - Monitoring Data

This page last reviewed January 31, 2006

SCOS logo map

The Clickmap V1.0 Software is Freeware. It is supplied to facilitate the understandig of the data gathered during the SCOS97 - NARSTO monitoring effort.


Clickmap has some limitations. You must set your Windows Desktop to 600 x 800 - "Small Fonts." If you do not make this change, the data will not be drawn onto the Overlay Map correctly. Please click here or below to read the Readme File for more details on Clickmap V1.0.

Please click on the links below to download Clickmap V 1.0 or to read the Readme.txt File:

Download Clickmap V 1.0 (cm-1_0.zip - 3,768 KB)

Download Clickmap V 1.0 Readme.txt File (readme.txt - 4 KB)

Clickmap V 1.0 Download