CARB Research Seminars

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Leading scientists present their research findings about air pollution and climate change

  • Seminars are presented at the Cal/EPA Building in Sacramento and the Haagen-Smit Laboratory in El Monte, California, and are open to the public.
  • For those who cannot attend the presentation in person, the seminars will be Webcast
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Characterization of PM2.5 Episodes in the Wintertime San Joaquin Valley using Surface and Aircraft Observations11/27/18Christopher CappaUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
Ozone in the Lower Atmosphere and its Contribution to High Ozone Concentrations at Ground-Level in the Southern San Joaquin Valley09/17/18Ian FaloonaUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
Improving Chemical Mechanisms for Ozone and Secondary Organic Carbon08/31/18Cappa, ChristopherUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
Co-exposure to UFPM and O3: Pulmonary C fiber and platelet activation Agreement No: 13-311. Fern Tablin (UC Davis) 06/18/18Tablin Fern and Schelegle EdwardUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
The Dynamics of Plug-In Electric Vehicles in The Secondary Market And Their Implications For Vehicle Demand, Durability, And Emissions05/17/18Tal, Gil and David Rapson University of California, DavisAir Quality
Identifying, Evaluating, and Selecting Indicators and Data for Tracking Land Use and Transportation-Related Trends Related to SB 375 Goals04/02/18Ong, Paul and Sciara, Gian-ClaudiaUniversity of California, Los Angeles and Director of the Center for Neighborhood Knowledge; and University of Texas at AustinAir Quality
Investigate the Durability of Diesel Engine Emissions Controls03/30/18Bishop, Gary A.University of DenverAir Quality
Real-World Activity of Heavy-Duty Tractors Hauling Container Chassis, Flatbed Trailer, and Tank Trailer03/27/18Durbin, Thomas D.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
The Development of Lifecycle Data for Hydrogen Fuel Production and Delivery02/16/18Miller, MarshallUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
Evaluating Technologies and Methods to Lower Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Heavy-Duty Vehicles06/15/17Sharp;, Christopher Ian SmithSouthwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TexasAir Quality
Effectiveness of Sound Wall-Vegetation Combination Barriers as Near-Roadway Pollutant Mitigation Strategies06/06/17Paulson;, Suzanne and Yifang Zhu; Akula VenkatramUniversity of California, Los Angeles; and University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Activity Patterns of Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Their Implications on Real-World In-Use Emissions05/31/17Boriboonsomsin, KanokUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Air Quality Impacts of Low Vapor Pressure-Volatile Organic Compounds05/16/17Cocker, DavidUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Quanitification of the Emission Reduction Benefits of Mitigation Strategies for Dairy Silage12/01/16Mitloehner, FrankUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
Atmospheric Measurement and Inverse Modeling to Improve Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimates10/04/16Fischer, MarcLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAir Quality
Probing the Intrinsic Ability of Particles to Generate Reactive Oxygen Species and the Effect of Physiologically Relevant Solutes09/01/16Paulson;, Suzanne Cort Anastasio; Alam HassonUniversity of California, Los Angeles; University of California, Davis; California State University, FresnoAir Quality
Source Speciation of Central Valley GHG Emissions Using In-Situ Measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds08/25/16Goldstein, Allen and Marc FischerUniversity of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAir Quality
Development and Demonstration of the Truck Activity Monitoring System 07/13/16Ritchie, Stephen Andre TokUniversity of California, IrvineAir Quality
New Car Buyers' Valuation of Zero-Emission Vehicles04/20/16Kurani, KenUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
Reducing In-Home Exposure to Air Pollution03/24/16Singer, Brett C.Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAir Quality
Determination of the Spatial Distribution of Ozone Precursor and Greenhouse Gas Concentrations and Emissions in the LA Basin12/10/15Stutz, JochenUniversity of California, Los AngelesAir Quality
Environmental Fate of Low Vapor Pressure - Volatile Organic Compounds from Consumer Products: A Modeling Approach09/22/15Bennett, Deborah H.University of California, DavisAir Quality
On-Road Measurements of Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks: Impacts of Fleet Turnover and ARB's Drayage Truck Regulation06/18/15Harley, Robert A.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Evaluation of Regional Isoprene Emission Estimates in California Based on Direct Airborne Flux Measurements06/12/15Goldstein, Allen H Pawel K. MisztalUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Future for Energy Storage04/22/15Srinivasan, VenkatLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAir Quality
Reducing Air Pollution Exposure in Passenger Vehicles and School Buses04/21/15Zhu, YifangUniversity of California, Los AngelesAir Quality
How Air Movement Makes Comfort Energy-Efficient03/24/15Arens, Edward Hui ZhangUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Assessment of the Emissions and Energy Impacts of Biomass and Biogas Use in California03/17/15Dabdub, DonaldUniversity of California, IrvineAir Quality
Evaluation of Pollutant Emissions from Portable Air Cleaners11/04/14Destaillats, Hugo Ph.DLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAir Quality
Do Inhaled Ambient Particles Induce Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in the Brain?07/15/14Kleinman, Michael T.University of California, IrvineAir Quality
Understanding the Volatility of Primary Organic Aerosol Emitted from Light-Duty Vehicles03/20/14Kleeman, Michael J.University of California, DavisAir Quality
In-duct air cleaning devices: ozone emission rates and test methodology11/08/13Morrison, GlennMissouri University of Science and TechnologyAir Quality
Summary of the CalNex-San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Study (Bakersfield -- Early Summer of 2010)04/22/13Cohen, Ronald C., and Allen H. GoldsteinUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation: Chamber Study and Model Development12/14/12Carter, William P. L.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Issues Associated with Solid Particle Measurement01/24/12Jung, HeejungUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
The Economics of Automobile Fuel Economy Standards04/20/11Anderson, SorenUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Light-Absorbing Aerosols (BC) over Snow in the Sierra Nevada04/13/11VanCurren, Richard A.Air Resources BoardAir Quality
SunCache Solar Water Heating System Demonstration Project03/09/11Lee, Eric and Mark J. BermanDavis Energy GroupAir Quality
High Accuracy Mobile Emissions Laboratory09/07/10Baer, DouglasLos Gatos Research Inc.Air Quality
Development, Demonstration, and Commercialization of a 0.20 G/BHP-HR NOx Natural Gas Engine08/25/10Baker, Scott Westport Inc., BC, CanadaAir Quality
Advanced Devices for Rear Drag Reduction on Tractor-Trailers08/11/10Horrell, ChuckAdvanced Transit Dynamics Inc.Air Quality
Mobile Off-Road Retrofit SCRT System Demonstration Project07/29/10Schmale, MarkJohnson MattheyAir Quality
Demonstration of a Selective Catalitic Reduction System on a Marine Passenger Ferry07/07/10Weaver, ChristopherEngine, Fuel, and Emissions Engineering Inc.Air Quality
On-Road Motor Vehicle Emissions Including Ammonia, Sulfur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide06/17/10Bishop, Gary A.University of DenverAir Quality
Characterization and Improvement of the Versatile Aerosol Concentration Enrichment System (VACES)06/02/10Wexler, AnthonyUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
Integrated Combined Heat and Power Using Ultra-Low-NOx Supplemental Firing05/04/10Cygan, David F.Gas Technology InstituteAir Quality
Summary of the Harbor Communities Monitoring Study (HCMS)04/26/10Fujita, Eric, Constantinos Sioutas, and Arthur M. WinerDesert Research Institute, University of Southern California, and University of California, Los AngelesAir Quality
Demonstration of Particulate Matter (PM) Sensor in Post-DPF Environment04/07/10Krafthefer, BrianHoneywell LaboratoriesAir Quality
Advanced Method for Measurement of the Solid Carbonaceous (Soot) Component of Mobile Source Particulate Matter04/01/10Bachalo, WilliamArtium Technologies Inc.Air Quality
Low Emission Four-Stroke Outboard Marine Engine Utilizing Catalyst03/17/10Broman, JeffMercury MarineAir Quality
Non-Enteric ROG Emissions from Dairies in San Joaquin Valley, California03/11/10Krauter, Charles F.California State University, FresnoAir Quality
Global Energy Perspective: Where in the World Will Our Energy Come From?02/23/10Lewis, Nathan S.California Institute of TechnologyAir Quality
Agricultural Strategies for Mitigating GHG Emission: DNDC Model and Case Studies02/18/10Salas, William A.Applied GeoSolutions, LLCAir Quality
Innovative Laser Stripping Technology for Reducing VOC's, Toxics and Particulates 12/16/09Wolf, KatyInstitute for Research and Technical AssistanceAir Quality
What Happens When a Freeway is Closed for Repairs? (Results from the Fix I-5 Study, 2008)12/08/09Zhang, Michael and Patricia L. MokhtarianUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
Orbital Scythe Electric Mower Prototype Development and Testing11/23/09Witty, CraigO-Sage Power Equipment, LLCAir Quality
Raman-shifted Eye-safe Aerosol Lidar (REAL)06/23/09Mayor, Shane D.California State University, ChicoAir Quality
On-Road Measurement of Light-Duty Gasoline and Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Emissions05/08/09Harley, Robert A.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Field Demonstration of Prototype Super Boiler05/05/09Chojnacki, DennisGas Technology InstituteAir Quality
Development of an Improved VOC Analysis Method for Architectural Coatings04/20/09Jones, DaneCalifornia Polytechnic State UniversityAir Quality
Influence of Highly Variable Spatial and Temporal VOC Emissions in Houston Texas on 1-hr and 8-hr Ozone SIP Modeling03/24/09Jeffries, HarveyUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillAir Quality
Maximuxs (Trademark) SFI - Measuement & Reduction of LP Gas Outrage Gauge Emissions (Averting Unnecessary Propane Emissions Into the Atmosphere)03/19/09Spataru, AlexThe ADEPT Group, Inc.Air Quality
Impacts of Advanced Combustion, Fuels and Aftertreatment Technologies on Diesel PM Emissions: a Ten-Year Retrospective02/11/09Storey, John M. E.Oak Ridge National LaboratoryAir Quality
Characterization of the Off-Road Equipment Population01/29/09Baker, RickEastern Research GroupAir Quality
Source Apportionment of Fine and Ultrafine Particles in California10/09/08Kleeman, Michael J.University of California, DavisAir Quality
Evaluation of Portable Emisions Measurement Systems (PEMS) for Inventory Purposes and the Not-To-Exceed Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Regulation10/02/08Durbin, Thomas D.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Hourly, In-Situ Quantification of Organic Aerosol Marker Compounds07/01/08Goldstein, AllenUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Emission Control Technologies for Ocean Going Vessels (OGVs)06/09/08Rahai, HamidCalifornia State University, Long BeachAir Quality
Nitrogen Oxide Emissions and Chemistry : Implications for Air Quality Control Strategies in a Warmer Climate05/30/08Cohen, Ronald C.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Innovative Means to Minimize Electric Ground Support Equipment Charging Infrastructrure Costs05/12/08Beauregard, Garrett P.Vice President, Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec)Air Quality
Advances in Our Understanding of the Major Sources Contributing to Ambient Particulate Matter in California01/22/08Prather, Kimberly A.University of California, San DiegoAir Quality
Molecular Markers for Sources of Fugitive Dust in the San Joaquin Valley11/26/07Rogge, Wolfgang F.University of California, MercedAir Quality
Wintertime Particulate Matter in the San Joaquin Valley: Concentrations, Mechanisms, and Sources11/20/07Herner, Jorn DinhCalifornia Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Development of Exhaust Speciation Profiles for Commercial Jet Engines10/24/07Whitefield, Philip D., and Richard Miake-LyeUniversity of Missouri-Rolla, Center for Aero Thermodynamics, and Aerodyne Research Inc.Air Quality
The Three-Way Catalytic Converter: Invention and Introduction Into Commerce10/09/07Mooney, John J.Environmental and Energy Technology and Policy InstituteAir Quality
Assessment of Out-Of-State Heavy-Duty Truck Activity Trends in California10/01/07Lutsey, NicholasUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
Analysis of Global Positioning System-Based Vehicle Activity Data and Their Impact on CO₂09/11/07Barth, Matthew J.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Identification and Atmospheric Reactions of Polar Products of Selected Aromatic Hydrocarbons09/06/07Atkinson, Roger, and Janet AreyUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Incidence of Malfunctions, Tampering, and In-Use Emissions for Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles09/05/07Durbin, Thomas D.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Development of the SAPRC-07 Chemical Mechanism and Updated Ozone Reactivity Scales08/28/07Carter, William P. L.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
What Have Urban Experiments Taught Us About Atmospheric Flow and Transport? (Urban Flow and Transport Model Development and Evaluation with Field Experiments)08/15/07Lundquist, Julie K.Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryAir Quality
Regional Commercial Marine Vessel Inventories and Forecasts07/26/07Corbett, James J.University of DelawareAir Quality
Characterizing Emissions from Vehicles and Engines Using Biofuels: An Overview of Selected Canadian Federal R&D Activities03/29/07Graham, LisaEnvironment CanadaAir Quality
Hydrogen Energy Stations for Electricity and Hydrogen Co-Production02/28/07Lipman, Timothy E.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Low-Cost Options for CO₂ Mitigation in Electricity, Oil, and Cement Production01/16/07Rau, Greg H.University of California, Santa Cruz, and Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryAir Quality
Acid Rain - U.S. Cap and Trade11/14/06McLean, BrianU.S. Environmental Protection AgencyAir Quality
From Science to Regulation (with the additional perspective of ten months of on-the-job training.)11/01/06Sawyer, Robert F.California Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Atmospheric Perspective on Toxic Metal Deposition to Water Bodies and Water Sheds10/26/06Schauer, JamesUniverstiy of WisconsinAir Quality
Ambient PM in the Netherlands - Interaction Between Science and Policy10/23/06Cassee, Flemming R.NetherlandsAir Quality
Indoor Air Chemistry: Cleaning Products, Ozone, and Toxic Air Contaminants10/17/06Singer, BrettLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAir Quality
A Low-Cost, Ultra-Fine Particle Concentration Monitor09/08/06Hering, Susanne V.Aerosol Dynamics, IncAir Quality
Electric Diesel Particulate Filter Demonstration08/31/06Edgar, Bradley, Michael Streichsbier and Tom SwensonCleaire Advanced Emission ControlsAir Quality
Building Partnerships for Urban Air Quality Management in Asia06/23/06Huizenga, CornieClean Air Initiative for Asian CitiesAir Quality
High Performance Polyol Phosphate Esters (POLYOL) Coatings to Meet Low VOC Emission Limits05/09/06Massingill, JohnTexas State UniversityAir Quality
Estimation of the Effects of Ship Emissions Using Existing PM2.5 Particle Compositions03/20/06Hopke, Philip K.Clarkson UniversityAir Quality
Development and Validation of a Predictive Model to Assess the Impact of Coastal Zone Emissions on Urban Scale Air Quality01/12/06Gertler, Alan W.Desert Research InstituteAir Quality
Project on Low-VOC Auto Parts Cleaners10/14/05Wolf, KatyInstitute for Research and Technical Assistance (IRTA)Air Quality
The DOE Gasoline/Diesel PM Split Study09/07/05Fujita, Eric M., Douglas R. Lawson, and James SchauerDesert Research Institute, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, University of Wisconsin-MadisonAir Quality
Aircraft Particulate Emissions08/22/05Wey, Chowen ChouNASA Glenn Research CenterAir Quality
Correlation between Solids Content and Hiding as it Relates to Calculation of VOC Content in Architectural Coatings06/30/05Censullo, AlbertCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis ObispoAir Quality
Solar Crop Drying Demonstrations06/03/05Hollick, John C.President, Conserval Engineering Inc.Air Quality
CMV Inventory Development, Validation and Application to Emerging Policy Analysis04/18/05Corbett, JamesUniversity of DelawareAir Quality
Air Pollution Mitigation Approaches in Germany04/13/05Friedrich, AxelGerman EPA (Umweltbundesamt)Air Quality
Evaluation of Atmosphere Impacts of Selected Coatings VOC Emissions04/13/05Carter, William P. L.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Demonstration of Advanced Battery-Electric School Bus at Napa Valley Unified School District07/27/04Warf, Bill, Paul Griffith, Ralph Knight, and Dahlia GarasSacramento Municipal Utility District, Santa Barbara Electric Bus Works, Napa Valley Unified School District, and University of California, Davis Air Quality
Collection and Analysis of Weekend/Weekday Emissions Activity Data in the South Coast Air Basin06/30/04Chinkin, Lyle R. and Dana Coe SullivanSonoma Technology Inc.Air Quality
Evaluation of a Gas-Phase Atmospheric Reaction Mechanism for Low NOx Conditions05/27/04Carter, William P. L.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Air Quality Measurements Over Lake Tahoe: Summer 2002 (Aircraft) and Winter 2003 (Boat)05/26/04Carroll, John J., and Cort AnastasioUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
Atmospheric Chemistry of Volatile Organic Compounds and of Their Atmospheric Reaction Products05/25/04Arey, Janet, and Roger AtkinsonUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Demonstration of the Ultra-Low NOx Burner in a Fire-Tube Boiler04/06/04Wiedeman, Dan L.Innovative Combustion Technologies Inc. Air Quality
Observations of NO₂, Total Peroxynitrates, Total Alkyl nitrates and HNO₃ on the Western Slopes of the Sierra: Implications for Transport of Nitrates to Lake Tahoe03/08/04Cohen, Ronald C.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Modeling and Understanding the Meteorological Causes of the Southern California Ozone Episode of August 199702/04/04Bornstein, Bob, and Jim WilkinsonSan Jose State University and Alpine GeophysicsAir Quality
Development and Evaluation of a Plug-In HEV with Vehicle-to-Grid Power Flow01/27/04Gage, ThomasAC PropulsionAir Quality
Pollution Reduction and Precipitation01/15/04Woodley, William L.Woodley Weather Consultants Air Quality
Emissions of Toxic Pollutants From Compressed Natural Gas and Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fueled Transit Buses With and Without After-Treatment Devices10/24/03Kado, Norman and Paul RiegerCalifornia Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Understanding the Origin of Trace Metals Emissions From Motor Vehicles10/22/03Schauer, JamesUniverstiy of WisconsinAir Quality
Taking a Supersite on the Road: Monitoring Particulate Matter in Community Air08/14/03Westerdahl, DaneCalifornia Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Continuous, Fully-Automated VOC Measurements08/05/03O'Brien, Robert J.Portland State UniversityAir Quality
Oxygenated Organics in the Ambient Environment07/17/03Charles, Judith M.University of California, DavisAir Quality
Biogenics Day - Four Guest Speakers06/12/03Goldstein, Allen H., John F. Karlik, Melissa Lunden, and Paul V. DoskeyUniversity of California, Berkeley and Davis; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Argonne National LaboratoryAir Quality
Lessons Learned from SCOS97 - NARSTO Upper Air Meteorology Measurement Program - Applications to Current and Future Programs01/09/03MacDonald, Clinton P. and Robert A. BaxterSonoma Technology, Inc. and Technical Business Systems, Inc.Air Quality
Vehicle-to-Grid Demonstration Project: Grid Regulation Ancillary Service with a Battery Electric Vehicle12/09/02Brooks, Alec N.AC Propulsion, Inc.Air Quality
Environmental, Energy and Mobility Challenges During the 21st Century12/06/02Schuetzle, DennisFord Motor CompanyAir Quality
Secondary Organic Aerosols: Formation and Thermodynamics11/12/02Seinfeld, John H.California Institute of TechnologyAir Quality
Electric Energy: The Potential Show Stopper for a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Fleet11/04/02Kruger, PaulStanford UniversityAir Quality
Analysis of PAH and Nitro-PAH in the South Coast Air Basin and Evidence for Atmospheric Formation of Nitro-PAH10/30/02Arey, JanetUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Atmospheric Chemistry of VOCs10/30/02Atkinson, RogerUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Air Pollution Emission Controls In Europe09/20/02Friedrich, AxelUmweltbundesamt - German EPAAir Quality
Testing for Exhaust Emissions of Diesel-Powered Off-Road Engines09/06/02Gautam, MridulWest Virginia UniversityAir Quality
Statewide Effects of Transportation Policy08/30/02Berck, PeterUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Demonstration of Fast-Charged Electric Ground-Support Equipment at an Airport08/22/02Beauregard, Garrett P.Electric Transportation Engineering CorporationAir Quality
Investigation of Ambient NO₃ Radical Levels in the Los Angeles Air Basin During the SCOS97 Study08/09/02Arey, JanetUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Atmospheric Chemistry of Selected Linear, Branched and Cyclic C10 Alkane Components of Mineral Spirits08/09/02Atkinson, RogerUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Heavy-Duty Truck Evaporative Emissions Testing for Emissions Inventory08/07/02McClement, DennisAutomotive Testing Laboratories, Inc.Air Quality
Ultrafine Particulate Matter in Community Air - Observations from a 12-Station Network in Southern California08/05/02Westerdahl, Dane and Ken BowersCalifornia Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Development of Reactivity Scales via 3-D Grid Modeling of California Ozone Episodes07/22/02Harley, Robert University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Chlorine Emissions from Activated Sea-Salt Aerosols and Their Potential Impact on Ozone07/22/02Dabdub, DonaldUniversity of California, IrvineAir Quality
Using Individual Particle Chemical Signatures to Discriminate Between Gasoline and Diesel Particle Emissions06/27/02Prather, KimberlyUniversity of California, San DiegoAir Quality
An Investigation of the Relationship Between Total Non-Methane Organic Carbon and the Sum of Speciated Hydrocarbons and Carbonyls Measured by Standard GC / FID: Measurements in the South Coast Air Basin06/17/02Paulson, SuzanneUniversity of California, Los AngelesAir Quality
Investigation of Low Reactivity Solvents06/13/02Censullo, AlbertCalifornia Polytechnic UniversityAir Quality
Development of a Direct Reactivity Measurement Method for Volatile Organic Compounds06/13/02Carter, William P. L.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Overview and Results of a Statewide Survey of Vehicle Registration Status in California06/03/02Younglove, TheodoreUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Resuspension of Contaminated Soil as a Source of Airborne Lead05/23/02Young, Thomas M.University of California, DavisAir Quality
Air Pollution Problems, Policies And "Players": A Personal Perspective 1941-200205/15/02Pitts, James N. Jr.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Non-Linearity in Atmospheric Response: A Sensitivity Analysis Approach04/12/02Hakami, AmirGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAir Quality
PM10 Dust Control at Owens Lake, California03/27/02Ono, Duane and Ted SchadeGreat Basin Unified APCDAir Quality
Advanced Receptor Modeling for Source Identification and Apportionment03/20/02Hopke, Philip K.Clarkson UniversityAir Quality
Characteristics and Measurement of Nanoparticles from Engines03/18/02Kittelson, David B.University of MinnesotaAir Quality
Diesel Particulate Trap Technology for OEM and Retrofit - Why and How?02/07/02Mayer, AndreasUniversity Karlsruhe, GermanyAir Quality
Air Quality Modeling: Policy - Relevant Scientific Investigations12/18/01Kaduwela, AjithCalifornia Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Heterogeneous Reactions of Oxides of Nitrogen in the Atmosphere: Is it Magic?11/07/01Finlayson-Pitts, Barbara J.University of California, IrvineAir Quality
Forecasting Air Pollution and Human Exposure on Scales of Individual Streets10/22/01Geernaert, Gary, and Finn Palmgren JensenNational Environmental Research Institute, DenmarkAir Quality
Innovative Clean Air Technologies Grant Report: Oscillating Combustion on a High-Temperature Forging Furnace08/30/01Kurek, Harry S., and John C. WagnerGas Technology InstituteAir Quality
Innovative Clean Air Technologies Grant Report: Low-Temperature Oxidation System Demonstration08/28/01Kelton, RobertBOC GasesAir Quality
Life Cycle Emissions from Alternative Fuels in Heavy Vehicles07/30/01Beer, TomCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), AustraliaAir Quality
Whole Ecosystem Measurements of Biogenic Hydrocarbon Emissions: Impacts on Ozone and Aerosol Formation07/11/01Goldstein, Allen H.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Biogenic Emission Inventories and Tree Planting07/11/01Winer, Arthur M.University of California, Los AngelesAir Quality
Leaf Mass, Leaf Area Index, and Vegetation Description: Gateway to Simulations for Ozone, PM2.5 and Fire Smoke07/11/01Karlik, John F.University of California, Los AngelesAir Quality
Asian Aerosols in North America06/29/01VanCuren, TonyCalifornia Air Resources BoardAir Quality
AWMA Diesel Critical Review 06/25/01Lloyd, Alan C.California Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Source Apportionment of Airborne Particulate Matter Using a Mechanistic Air Quality Model05/21/01Kleeman, Michael J.University of California, DavisAir Quality
Destruction of VOCs and Toxics Using a Microwave-Induced Plasma Torch02/23/01Kennedy, Ian, and Daniel P.Y. ChangUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
The Impacts of Emissions from Asia on Local / Regional / Global Air Quality01/18/01Carmichael, Gregory R.University of IowaAir Quality
Understanding Urban Air Pollution and the Role of Diesel Exhaust11/06/00Croes, Bart E.California Air Resources BoardAir Quality
MECA Technical Presentations05/23/00Johnson, Timothy, Jacques Lemaire, Marty Lassen, and John MooneyManufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA)Air Quality
Global Scale Air Pollution: Sources, Distribution and Transport of PM and Ozone04/13/00Husar, Rudolf B.Center for Air Pollution Impact and Trend Analysis (CAPITA)Air Quality
Examining Factors that Influence ZEV Sales in California09/12/17DeShazo, J. R.University of California, Los AngelesClimate Change
Potential to Build Current Natural Gas Infrastructure to accommodate the Future Conversion of Near-Zero Transportation Technology07/18/17Myers, Amy JarreUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Identifying Urban Designs and Traffic Management Strategies for Southern California that Reduce Air Pollution Exposure05/18/17Paulson, Suzanne; DeShazo, J. R.; Venkatram, AkulaUniversity of California, Los Angeles; University of California, RiversideClimate Change
Modeling Household Vehicle and Transportation Choice and Usage - Part B: Empirical Estimation of Household Vehicle Purchase and Usage Decisions05/09/17Rapson, DavidUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Life-Cycle Assessment and Co-Benefits of Cool Pavements05/03/17Levinson, Ronnen and John HarveyLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California, DavisClimate Change
Modeling Household Vehicle and Transportation Choice and Usage - Part A: Factors Related to Voluntary Choice of Low Vehicle Ownership and Usage04/24/17Mokhtarian, Patricia Georgia Institute of Technology and Giovanni Circella, Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Californa, DavisGeorgia Institute of Technology and University of California, DavisClimate Change
Developing a New Methodology for Analyzing Potential Displacement03/29/17Chapple, Karen, and Miriam ZukUniversity of California, BerkeleyClimate Change
The Future of Drop-In Fuels: Life-Cycle Cost and Environmental Impacts of Bio-Based Hydrocarbon Fuel Pathways12/19/16Horvath, Arpad and Corinne ScownUniversity of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryClimate Change
The Feasibility of Renewable Natural Gas as a Large-Scale, Low Carbon Substitute 12/02/16Jaffe, Amy Myers, and Nathan ParkerUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Evaluating Mitigation Options of Nitrous Oxide Emissions in California Cropping Systems06/16/16Burger, MartinUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Emissions of Potent Greenhouse Gases from Appliance and Building Waste in Landfills05/20/16Nazli, Yesiller James Hanson Jean E. BognerCalifornia Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo; University of Illinois, ChicagoClimate Change
Evaluating the Benefits of Light Rail Transit07/22/15Houston, Douglas Marlon BoarnetUniversity of California, Irvine, University of Southern CaliforniaClimate Change
Deriving Roof Albedo for Seven California Cities Using Remote Sensing06/11/15Ban-Weiss, George Ph.D,, Ronnen Levinson, Jordan WoodsUniversity of Southern California; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; University of California, BerkeleyClimate Change
Technical Analysis of Vehicle Load-Reduction Potential for Advanced Clean Cars05/05/15Pannone, GregPresident, CT-ENERGY, LLCClimate Change
The CoolCalifornia City Challenge: A Statewide Program to Enable Low Carbon Communities01/08/15Kammen, DanielUniversity of California, BerkeleyClimate Change
Quantifying the Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Co-Benefits of Green Buildings12/17/14Eisenstein, WilliamUniversity of California, BerkeleyClimate Change
Modeling Optimal Transition Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy in California05/01/14Yeh, SoniaUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Why Building Operators Matter for Reducing GHG Emissions04/28/14Moezzi, MithraPortland State UniversityClimate Change
Trends in Residential Energy Consumption and Potential Opportunities for Reduction 08/12/13Delmas, Magali A., Matthew E. Kahn, Alan Meier, and Reuben DeumlingUniversity of California, Los Angeles, University of Californa, DavisClimate Change
Black Carbon Reductions in California and its Implications for Regional and Global Climate Change Mitigation07/23/13Ramanathan, Veerabhadran, and Lynn M. RussellUniversity of California, San DiegoClimate Change
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Regional and Local Passenger Transportation Systems in California05/09/13Chester, MikhailArizona State UniversityClimate Change
Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Agricultural Soils in California11/28/12Horwath, William, Johan Six., and Dave GoorahooUniversity of California, Davis and California State University, FresnoClimate Change
Empowering Citizens to Adopt Low Carbon Lifestyles: Strategies and Tools for Behavior Change, Community Engagement and the Reinvention of our Cities10/24/11Gershon, DavidEmpowerment InstituteClimate Change
Effects of Cool Roofs and Solar Panels on a Large Scale10/11/11Millstein, DevLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryClimate Change
Part I: Geospatial Intermodal Freight Transport Model with Cargo Analysis and Part II: Improved Geospatial Scenarios for Commercial Marine Vessels07/07/11Corbett, James J.University of DelawareClimate Change
Potential Impacts of Feebate Programs for New Passenger Vehicles06/14/11Bunch, David, David L. Green, and Timothy E. Lipman University of California, Davis, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of California, BerkeleyClimate Change
Safe Options for Global Warming Potential Gases05/11/11Mathis, Pamela and Julie ForgieICF Consulting ServicesClimate Change
California's GHG Emissions Budget: Measurements, Inverse Modeling, and Carbon Isotopes04/06/11Fischer, Marc L., and Sally NewmanLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California Intitute of TechnologyClimate Change
Applied Expertise in Sustainability, Climate Change, and Air Pollution03/30/11Robert, MichaelJohns Hopkins UniversityClimate Change
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