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Leading scientists present their research findings about air pollution and climate change

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Examining Factors that Influence ZEV Sales in California09/12/17DeShazo, J. R.University of California, Los AngelesClimate Change
Potential to Build Current Natural Gas Infrastructure to accommodate the Future Conversion of Near-Zero Transportation Technology07/18/17Myers, Amy JarreUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Evaluating Technologies and Methods to Lower Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Heavy-Duty Vehicles06/15/17Sharp;, Christopher Ian SmithSouthwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TexasAir Quality
Effectiveness of Sound Wall-Vegetation Combination Barriers as Near-Roadway Pollutant Mitigation Strategies06/06/17Paulson;, Suzanne and Yifang Zhu; Akula VenkatramUniversity of California, Los Angeles; and University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Activity Patterns of Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Their Implications on Real-World In-Use Emissions05/31/17Boriboonsomsin, KanokUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Identifying Urban Designs and Traffic Management Strategies for Southern California that Reduce Air Pollution Exposure05/18/17Paulson, Suzanne; DeShazo, J. R.; Venkatram, AkulaUniversity of California, Los Angeles; University of California, RiversideClimate Change
Air Quality Impacts of Low Vapor Pressure-Volatile Organic Compounds05/16/17Cocker, DavidUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Modeling Household Vehicle and Transportation Choice and Usage - Part B: Empirical Estimation of Household Vehicle Purchase and Usage Decisions05/09/17Rapson, DavidUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Life-Cycle Assessment and Co-Benefits of Cool Pavements05/03/17Levinson, Ronnen and John HarveyLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California, DavisClimate Change
Modeling Household Vehicle and Transportation Choice and Usage - Part A: Factors Related to Voluntary Choice of Low Vehicle Ownership and Usage04/24/17Mokhtarian, Patricia Georgia Institute of Technology and Giovanni Circella, Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Californa, DavisGeorgia Institute of Technology and University of California, DavisClimate Change

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