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Leading scientists present their research findings about air pollution and climate change

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The World's Energy Problem and What We Can Do About It02/27/08Chu, StevenLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryClimate Change
Wintertime Particulate Matter in the San Joaquin Valley: Concentrations, Mechanisms, and Sources11/20/07Herner, Jorn DinhCalifornia Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Why Building Operators Matter for Reducing GHG Emissions04/28/14Moezzi, MithraPortland State UniversityClimate Change
Whole Ecosystem Measurements of Biogenic Hydrocarbon Emissions: Impacts on Ozone and Aerosol Formation07/11/01Goldstein, Allen H.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
What Have Urban Experiments Taught Us About Atmospheric Flow and Transport? (Urban Flow and Transport Model Development and Evaluation with Field Experiments)08/15/07Lundquist, Julie K.Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryAir Quality
What Happens When a Freeway is Closed for Repairs? (Results from the Fix I-5 Study, 2008)12/08/09Zhang, Michael and Patricia L. MokhtarianUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
What Americans Really Think About Climate Change05/26/09Krosnick, Jon A.Stanford UniversityClimate Change
Vulnerable Californians Experience Greater Pollutant Exposure and Impact03/13/13Meng, Ying-YingCenter for Health Policy Research, University of California, Los AngelesPublic Health
Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in New Homes05/06/08Offermann, Francis J., C.I.H.Indoor Environmental EngineeringPublic Health
Vehicle-to-Grid Demonstration Project: Grid Regulation Ancillary Service with a Battery Electric Vehicle12/09/02Brooks, Alec N.AC Propulsion, Inc.Air Quality
Using Individual Particle Chemical Signatures to Discriminate Between Gasoline and Diesel Particle Emissions06/27/02Prather, KimberlyUniversity of California, San DiegoAir Quality
Understanding Urban Air Pollution and the Role of Diesel Exhaust11/06/00Croes, Bart E.California Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Understanding Ultrafine Particles Indoors02/02/10Nazaroff, William W.University of California, BerkeleyPublic Health
Understanding the Volatility of Primary Organic Aerosol Emitted from Light-Duty Vehicles03/20/14Kleeman, Michael J.University of California, DavisAir Quality
Understanding the Origin of Trace Metals Emissions From Motor Vehicles10/22/03Schauer, JamesUniverstiy of WisconsinAir Quality
Ultrafine Particulate Matter in Community Air - Observations from a 12-Station Network in Southern California08/05/02Westerdahl, Dane and Ken BowersCalifornia Air Resources BoardAir Quality
UK Experience in Developing National Climate Change Policy11/15/06UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural AffairsUK Department of Environment, Food and Rural AffairsClimate Change
UK Carbon Trust: Working with business and government to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy08/07/08Rea, Michael and David VincentUK Carbon TrustClimate Change
Two Billion Cars! (Is This Sustainable?)03/19/09Sperling, DanielUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Trends in Residential Energy Consumption and Potential Opportunities for Reduction 08/12/13Delmas, Magali A., Matthew E. Kahn, Alan Meier, and Reuben DeumlingUniversity of California, Los Angeles, University of Californa, DavisClimate Change
Toxicity of Source-Oriented Ambient Submicron Particulate Matter02/19/13Wexler, Anthony S., Kent Pinkerton, and Keith BeinUniversity of California, DavisPublic Health
Toxicity of Emissions from Heavy Duty Diesel Engines with Retrofit Controls05/05/11Sioutas, ConstantinosUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPublic Health
Toxicity of Ambient Particulate Matter: The Role of Peroxides as Generated by Aerosol Particles in Southern California03/03/10Paulson, SuzanneUniversity of California, Los AngelesPublic Health
Towards a 'New Deal' in Climate Policy! (A Consumption-Based Approach for Mitigation of GHG Emissions)04/08/09Hubacek, KlausUniversity of Leeds, United KingdomClimate Change
The Three-Way Catalytic Converter: Invention and Introduction Into Commerce10/09/07Mooney, John J.Environmental and Energy Technology and Policy InstituteAir Quality
Testing for Exhaust Emissions of Diesel-Powered Off-Road Engines09/06/02Gautam, MridulWest Virginia UniversityAir Quality
Technical Analysis of Vehicle Load-Reduction Potential for Advanced Clean Cars05/05/15Pannone, GregPresident, CT-ENERGY, LLCClimate Change
Taking a Supersite on the Road: Monitoring Particulate Matter in Community Air08/14/03Westerdahl, DaneCalifornia Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Tackling Air Pollution and Climate Change: A Bumpy Road Towards the Common Good06/10/09Raes, FrankCalifornia Institute of TechnologyClimate Change
Survey of the Use of Ozone-Generating Air Cleaners by the California Public01/17/07Lee, Robert H.University of California, BerkeleyPublic Health
SunCache Solar Water Heating System Demonstration Project03/09/11Lee, Eric and Mark J. BermanDavis Energy GroupAir Quality
Summary of the Harbor Communities Monitoring Study (HCMS)04/26/10Fujita, Eric, Constantinos Sioutas, and Arthur M. WinerDesert Research Institute, University of Southern California, and University of California, Los AngelesAir Quality
Summary of the CalNex-San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Study (Bakersfield -- Early Summer of 2010)04/22/13Cohen, Ronald C., and Allen H. GoldsteinUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Statewide Effects of Transportation Policy08/30/02Berck, PeterUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Spatial Analysis of Traffic-generated Air Pollution and Mortality in Los Angeles and Toronto02/10/05Jerrett, MichaelUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPublic Health
Source Speciation of Central Valley GHG Emissions Using In-Situ Measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds08/25/16Goldstein, Allen and Marc FischerUniversity of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAir Quality
Source Apportionment of Fine and Ultrafine Particles in California10/09/08Kleeman, Michael J.University of California, DavisAir Quality
Source Apportionment of Airborne Particulate Matter Using a Mechanistic Air Quality Model05/21/01Kleeman, Michael J.University of California, DavisAir Quality
Solar Crop Drying Demonstrations06/03/05Hollick, John C.President, Conserval Engineering Inc.Air Quality
Small and Medium Commercial Buildings: Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality, and Energy Use04/06/11Bennett, DeborahUniversity of California, DavisPublic Health
Separate and Unequal: Residential Segregation and Estimated Cancer Risks Associated with Ambient Air Toxics In California07/20/05Morello-Frosch, RachelBrown UniversityPublic Health
Secondary Organic Aerosols: Formation and Thermodynamics11/12/02Seinfeld, John H.California Institute of TechnologyAir Quality
Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation: Chamber Study and Model Development12/14/12Carter, William P. L.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
The Science Behind Sustainable Communities Strategies10/07/14Handy, SusanUniversity of California, DavisPublic Health
Science and Policy for Deep Cuts in Carbon Emission01/29/08Kammen, Daniel M.University of California, BerkeleyClimate Change
Safe Options for Global Warming Potential Gases05/11/11Mathis, Pamela and Julie ForgieICF Consulting ServicesClimate Change
Risk of Pediatric Asthma Morbidity from Multipollutant Exposures04/07/15Delfino, Ralph J. Michael J. KleemanUniversity of California, Irvine, University of California, DavisPublic Health
Rethinking Exposure Assessment Using Dose Fractions05/23/01Nazaroff, William W.University of California, BerkeleyPublic Health
Resuspension of Contaminated Soil as a Source of Airborne Lead05/23/02Young, Thomas M.University of California, DavisAir Quality
Research Progress of the Southern California Particle Center Health and Mechanism Studies02/13/07Froines, John R.Southern California Particle CenterPublic Health
Research Findings on Particulate Matter Related Toxicity from the Southern California Particle Center and Supersite06/18/03Froines, John R. and Constantinos SioutasUniversity of California, Los Angeles and University of Southern CaliforniaPublic Health
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in the Northeast States12/11/06Sheehan, Denise M. and Franz T. LitzNew York State Climate Change
Regional Commercial Marine Vessel Inventories and Forecasts07/26/07Corbett, James J.University of DelawareAir Quality
Reducing In-Home Exposure to Air Pollution03/24/16Singer, Brett C.Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAir Quality
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in London01/18/07Jones, AllanLondon Climate Change Agency Ltd.Climate Change
Reducing Emissions in California Through Carbon Capture and Sequestration01/30/08Friedmann, Julio S. Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryClimate Change
Reducing Air Pollution Exposure in Passenger Vehicles and School Buses04/21/15Zhu, YifangUniversity of California, Los AngelesAir Quality
Raman-shifted Eye-safe Aerosol Lidar (REAL)06/23/09Mayor, Shane D.California State University, ChicoAir Quality
Quantifying the Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Co-Benefits of Green Buildings12/17/14Eisenstein, WilliamUniversity of California, BerkeleyClimate Change
Quanitification of the Emission Reduction Benefits of Mitigation Strategies for Dairy Silage12/01/16Mitloehner, FrankUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
Project on Low-VOC Auto Parts Cleaners10/14/05Wolf, KatyInstitute for Research and Technical Assistance (IRTA)Air Quality
Progress Report on North America's First and Only Legally Binding Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction and Trading System02/27/08Walsh, Michael J., and Paula DiPernaChicago Climate ExchangeClimate Change
Probing the Intrinsic Ability of Particles to Generate Reactive Oxygen Species and the Effect of Physiologically Relevant Solutes09/01/16Paulson;, Suzanne Cort Anastasio; Alam HassonUniversity of California, Los Angeles; University of California, Davis; California State University, FresnoAir Quality
Prioritizing Climate Change Mitigation Technologies by Cost-Effectiveness04/30/08Lutsey, NicholasUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Potential Impacts of Feebate Programs for New Passenger Vehicles06/14/11Bunch, David, David L. Green, and Timothy E. Lipman University of California, Davis, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of California, BerkeleyClimate Change
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs): Sources of Ambient Quinones09/06/07Arey, Janet, and Roger AtkinsonUniversity of California, RiversidePublic Health
Pollution Reduction and Precipitation01/15/04Woodley, William L.Woodley Weather Consultants Air Quality
PM10 Dust Control at Owens Lake, California03/27/02Ono, Duane and Ted SchadeGreat Basin Unified APCDAir Quality
The PM Standards - Where Are They Now?02/20/03Mazzera, DaveCalifornia Air Resources BoardPublic Health
Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Ultrafine PM: Summary of 5 years Research by the Southern California Particle Center and Supersite06/06/06Sioutas, ConstantinosUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPublic Health
Persistent Immune Effects of Wildfire PM Exposure During Childhood Development01/07/14Miller, LisaUniversity of California, DavisPublic Health
Peripheral Blood Gene Expression in Subjects with Coronary Artery Disease and Exposure to Particulate Air Pollutant Components and Size Fractions04/17/14Delfino, RalphUniversity of California, IrvinePublic Health
Particulate Air Pollution and Morbidity in the California Central Valley: a High Particulate Pollution Region01/14/03Van Den Eeden, StephenKaiser PermanentePublic Health
Part I: Geospatial Intermodal Freight Transport Model with Cargo Analysis and Part II: Improved Geospatial Scenarios for Commercial Marine Vessels07/07/11Corbett, James J.University of DelawareClimate Change
Oxygenated Organics in the Ambient Environment07/17/03Charles, Judith M.University of California, DavisAir Quality
An Overview of the German Climate Change Program02/05/07Friedrich, AxelGerman Environmental Protection AgencyClimate Change
Overview and Results of a Statewide Survey of Vehicle Registration Status in California06/03/02Younglove, TheodoreUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Out of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil11/30/06Goodstein, David L.California Institute of TechnologyClimate Change
Orbital Scythe Electric Mower Prototype Development and Testing11/23/09Witty, CraigO-Sage Power Equipment, LLCAir Quality
Optimal Investment in Wind and Solar Power in California, 2010-202502/17/09Fripp, MatthiasOxford University, United KingdomClimate Change
On-Road Motor Vehicle Emissions Including Ammonia, Sulfur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide06/17/10Bishop, Gary A.University of DenverAir Quality
On-Road Measurements of Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks: Impacts of Fleet Turnover and ARB's Drayage Truck Regulation06/18/15Harley, Robert A.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
On-Road Measurement of Light-Duty Gasoline and Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Emissions05/08/09Harley, Robert A.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Observations of NO₂, Total Peroxynitrates, Total Alkyl nitrates and HNO₃ on the Western Slopes of the Sierra: Implications for Transport of Nitrates to Lake Tahoe03/08/04Cohen, Ronald C.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Non-Linearity in Atmospheric Response: A Sensitivity Analysis Approach04/12/02Hakami, AmirGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAir Quality
Non-Enteric ROG Emissions from Dairies in San Joaquin Valley, California03/11/10Krauter, Charles F.California State University, FresnoAir Quality
Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Agricultural Soils in California11/28/12Horwath, William, Johan Six., and Dave GoorahooUniversity of California, Davis and California State University, FresnoClimate Change
Nitrogen Oxide Emissions and Chemistry : Implications for Air Quality Control Strategies in a Warmer Climate05/30/08Cohen, Ronald C.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Next 10: California Green Innovation Index11/15/07Perry, Noel F., and Doug HentonNext 10 and Collaborative EconomicsClimate Change
New Technology Diesel Engines: Exhaust Emission Control and Animal Toxicology Study02/28/12Wall, John C., and Jacob McDonaldCummins Inc. and Lovelace Respiratory Research InstitutePublic Health
New Car Buyers' Valuation of Zero-Emission Vehicles04/20/16Kurani, KenUniversity of California, DavisAir Quality
A National Perspective: The Japanese Climate Change Program. An Overview of Japan's Climate Change Programs01/17/07Minamikawa, Hideki, Takeshi Sekiya, Yasushi Ninomiya, and Susumu OkamotoGlobal Environment Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, JapanClimate Change
National Bicycle Policy in Germany09/03/15Friedrich, AxelEnvironmental ExpertPublic Health
Motivating, Assisting and Recognizing Small Businesses that Conserve Resources, Prevent Pollution, and Address Climate Change02/07/08Scandone, CeilBay Area Green Business ProgramClimate Change
Molecular Markers for Sources of Fugitive Dust in the San Joaquin Valley11/26/07Rogge, Wolfgang F.University of California, MercedAir Quality
Modeling Optimal Transition Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy in California05/01/14Yeh, SoniaUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Modeling and Understanding the Meteorological Causes of the Southern California Ozone Episode of August 199702/04/04Bornstein, Bob, and Jim WilkinsonSan Jose State University and Alpine GeophysicsAir Quality
Mobile Off-Road Retrofit SCRT System Demonstration Project07/29/10Schmale, MarkJohnson MattheyAir Quality
Method for Quanitifying Emission Reductions Resulting from Episodic Public Education Programs03/17/03Schreffler, Eric N.ESTCPublic Health
Mechanisms of Particulate Toxicity: Health Effects in Susceptible Humans 06/17/04Solomon, ColinUniversity of California, San FranciscoPublic Health
Mechanisms of Particulate Toxicity: Effects on the Respiratory System01/07/03Pinkerton, Kent E.University of California, DavisPublic Health
Mechanisms of Particulate Toxicity: An Overview 06/17/04Balmes, JohnUniversity of California, San FranciscoPublic Health
Mechanism and Modeling for Particle-Induced Inflammation05/18/10Forman, Henry JayUniversity of California, MercedPublic Health
MECA Technical Presentations05/23/00Johnson, Timothy, Jacques Lemaire, Marty Lassen, and John MooneyManufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA)Air Quality
Maximuxs (Trademark) SFI - Measuement & Reduction of LP Gas Outrage Gauge Emissions (Averting Unnecessary Propane Emissions Into the Atmosphere)03/19/09Spataru, AlexThe ADEPT Group, Inc.Air Quality
A Low-Cost, Ultra-Fine Particle Concentration Monitor09/08/06Hering, Susanne V.Aerosol Dynamics, IncAir Quality
Low-Cost Options for CO₂ Mitigation in Electricity, Oil, and Cement Production01/16/07Rau, Greg H.University of California, Santa Cruz, and Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryAir Quality
Low Emission Four-Stroke Outboard Marine Engine Utilizing Catalyst03/17/10Broman, JeffMercury MarineAir Quality
Light-Absorbing Aerosols (BC) over Snow in the Sierra Nevada04/13/11VanCurren, Richard A.Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Life-Cycle Assessment for Mitigating the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Retail Products08/09/07Horvath, Arpad, and Eric MasanetUniversity of California, RiversideClimate Change
Life Cycle Emissions from Alternative Fuels in Heavy Vehicles07/30/01Beer, TomCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), AustraliaAir Quality
Lessons Learned from SCOS97 - NARSTO Upper Air Meteorology Measurement Program - Applications to Current and Future Programs01/09/03MacDonald, Clinton P. and Robert A. BaxterSonoma Technology, Inc. and Technical Business Systems, Inc.Air Quality
Leaf Mass, Leaf Area Index, and Vegetation Description: Gateway to Simulations for Ozone, PM2.5 and Fire Smoke07/11/01Karlik, John F.University of California, Los AngelesAir Quality
Kitchen Ventilation Solutions to Indoor Air Pollution Hazards from Cooking 10/10/13Singer, Brett C.Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Public Health
Issues Associated with Solid Particle Measurement01/24/12Jung, HeejungUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
An Investigation of the Relationship Between Total Non-Methane Organic Carbon and the Sum of Speciated Hydrocarbons and Carbonyls Measured by Standard GC / FID: Measurements in the South Coast Air Basin06/17/02Paulson, SuzanneUniversity of California, Los AngelesAir Quality
Investigation of Low Reactivity Solvents06/13/02Censullo, AlbertCalifornia Polytechnic UniversityAir Quality
Investigation of Ambient NO₃ Radical Levels in the Los Angeles Air Basin During the SCOS97 Study08/09/02Arey, JanetUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Integrated Combined Heat and Power Using Ultra-Low-NOx Supplemental Firing05/04/10Cygan, David F.Gas Technology InstituteAir Quality
Innovative Means to Minimize Electric Ground Support Equipment Charging Infrastructrure Costs05/12/08Beauregard, Garrett P.Vice President, Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec)Air Quality
Innovative Laser Stripping Technology for Reducing VOC's, Toxics and Particulates 12/16/09Wolf, KatyInstitute for Research and Technical AssistanceAir Quality
Innovative Clean Air Technologies Grant Report: Oscillating Combustion on a High-Temperature Forging Furnace08/30/01Kurek, Harry S., and John C. WagnerGas Technology InstituteAir Quality
Innovative Clean Air Technologies Grant Report: Low-Temperature Oxidation System Demonstration08/28/01Kelton, RobertBOC GasesAir Quality
Influence of Highly Variable Spatial and Temporal VOC Emissions in Houston Texas on 1-hr and 8-hr Ozone SIP Modeling03/24/09Jeffries, HarveyUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillAir Quality
Inflammatory Responses to Exposures of Concentrated Ambient Particles in Susceptible Volunteers05/28/10Riedl, MarcUniversity of California, Los AngelesPublic Health
Inflammatory and Cardiovascular Responses to Inhaled Fine Particles 06/17/04Kleinman, Michael T.University of California, IrvinePublic Health
Indoor Residential Chemical Emissions as Risk Factors for Children's Respiratory Health08/03/06Mandell, MarkLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryPublic Health
Indoor Pollutant Emissions from Electronic Office Equipment01/07/09McKone, Thomas E.University of California, BerkeleyPublic Health
Indoor Air Chemistry: Cleaning Products, Ozone, and Toxic Air Contaminants10/17/06Singer, BrettLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAir Quality
Incidence of Malfunctions, Tampering, and In-Use Emissions for Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles09/05/07Durbin, Thomas D.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
In-Vehicle Air Pollution Exposure Measurement and Modeling12/12/12Fruin, ScottUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPublic Health
In-duct air cleaning devices: ozone emission rates and test methodology11/08/13Morrison, GlennMissouri University of Science and TechnologyAir Quality
Improving the Understanding and Usefulness of Thermal Optical Carbon Analyses02/22/06Fung, KochyAtmAA, Inc.Climate Change
Implementing Environmental Justice: Obstacles and Opportunities10/11/02Gauna, Eileen, and Clifford RechtschaffenSouthwestern University School of Law, Golden Gate University School of LawPublic Health
The Impacts of Emissions from Asia on Local / Regional / Global Air Quality01/18/01Carmichael, Gregory R.University of IowaAir Quality
Impacts of Advanced Combustion, Fuels and Aftertreatment Technologies on Diesel PM Emissions: a Ten-Year Retrospective02/11/09Storey, John M. E.Oak Ridge National LaboratoryAir Quality
Impact of Potential Future Climate Change on Regional Ozone and Fine Particulate Matter Levels in the United States01/10/07Amar, Praveen K.Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM)Climate Change
Identification of Target Bioallergens: Frequency of Specific Aeroallergen Sensitization in an Atopic Population in the Sacramento Region03/01/05Teuber, SuzanneUniversity of California, DavisPublic Health
Identification and Evaluation of Potential Best Practices for Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Freight Transportation01/09/08Frey, Christopher H.North Carolina State UniversityClimate Change
Identification and Atmospheric Reactions of Polar Products of Selected Aromatic Hydrocarbons09/06/07Atkinson, Roger, and Janet AreyUniversity of California, RiversideAir Quality
Hydrogen Energy Stations for Electricity and Hydrogen Co-Production02/28/07Lipman, Timothy E.University of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
How Air Movement Makes Comfort Energy-Efficient03/24/15Arens, Edward Hui ZhangUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Hourly, In-Situ Quantification of Organic Aerosol Marker Compounds07/01/08Goldstein, AllenUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
High Performance Polyol Phosphate Esters (POLYOL) Coatings to Meet Low VOC Emission Limits05/09/06Massingill, JohnTexas State UniversityAir Quality
High Accuracy Mobile Emissions Laboratory09/07/10Baer, DouglasLos Gatos Research Inc.Air Quality
Heterogeneous Reactions of Oxides of Nitrogen in the Atmosphere: Is it Magic?11/07/01Finlayson-Pitts, Barbara J.University of California, IrvineAir Quality
Heavy-Duty Truck Evaporative Emissions Testing for Emissions Inventory08/07/02McClement, DennisAutomotive Testing Laboratories, Inc.Air Quality
Heat Vulnerability in California Under Future Climate Change (A Spatial Synoptic Classification Approach)02/17/11Sheridan, Scott C.Kent State UniversityClimate Change
Heart Rate Variability Following Controlled Exposure to Particles and Ozone in Asthmatic Individuals 06/17/04Power, KarronUniversity of California, San FranciscoPublic Health
Health Effects of Central Valley Particulate Matter05/27/15Kent Pinkerton, Keith Bein, and Fern TablinUniversity of California, DavisPublic Health
The Hard Work of Making It Easy: Facilitating Climate-Smart Behavior01/13/09Moser, SusanneUniversity of California, Santa CruzClimate Change
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Resulting from Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning09/24/02Anderson, Stephen O., Ward J. Atkinson, James A. Baker, and Elvis HoffpauirUS EPA, Sun Test Engineering, Delphi Automotive Systems Group, MACS - Mobile Air Conditioning SocietyClimate Change
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fuel Ethanol: Separating the Confusion from the Uncertainties05/16/06Farrell, AlexUniversity of California, BerkeleyClimate Change
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Impacts in California from Insulating and Buoyancy Foams03/22/11Ashford, Paul K. Arnie A. J. Vetter, and Assaad ZoughaibCaleb Management Services Ltd, Ecole des Mines des ParisClimate Change
Global Scale Air Pollution: Sources, Distribution and Transport of PM and Ozone04/13/00Husar, Rudolf B.Center for Air Pollution Impact and Trend Analysis (CAPITA)Air Quality
Global Energy Perspective: Where in the World Will Our Energy Come From?02/23/10Lewis, Nathan S.California Institute of TechnologyAir Quality
Genetic Susceptibility and Immune System Responses to Particulate Air Pollution04/09/07Diaz-Sanchez, DavidUniversity of California, Los AngelesPublic Health
Future Prospects Concerning Climate Change06/27/08Pachauri, Rajendra K.Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)Climate Change
The Future of Drop-In Fuels: Life-Cycle Cost and Environmental Impacts of Bio-Based Hydrocarbon Fuel Pathways12/19/16Horvath, Arpad and Corinne ScownUniversity of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryClimate Change
Future for Energy Storage04/22/15Srinivasan, VenkatLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAir Quality
From Science to Regulation (with the additional perspective of ten months of on-the-job training.)11/01/06Sawyer, Robert F.California Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Forecasting Air Pollution and Human Exposure on Scales of Individual Streets10/22/01Geernaert, Gary, and Finn Palmgren JensenNational Environmental Research Institute, DenmarkAir Quality
Field Demonstration of Prototype Super Boiler05/05/09Chojnacki, DennisGas Technology InstituteAir Quality
The Feasibility of Renewable Natural Gas as a Large-Scale, Low Carbon Substitute 12/02/16Jaffe, Amy Myers, and Nathan ParkerUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Particulate Matter in Vehicles: Implications for Exposure Assessment and Control Priorities02/04/03Fruin, ScottCalifornia Air Resources BoardPublic Health
The Exposure Pyramid Framework and its Application to a Cross-Sectional Study of Lung Function09/04/07Naumoff, Kyra S.University of California, BerkeleyPublic Health
Evaluation of Regional Isoprene Emission Estimates in California Based on Direct Airborne Flux Measurements06/12/15Goldstein, Allen H Pawel K. MisztalUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
Evaluation of Portable Emisions Measurement Systems (PEMS) for Inventory Purposes and the Not-To-Exceed Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Regulation10/02/08Durbin, Thomas D.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Evaluation of Pollutant Emissions from Portable Air Cleaners11/04/14Destaillats, Hugo Ph.DLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAir Quality
Evaluation of Methods to Reduce Exhaust Penetration into School Buses11/27/07Winer, Arthur M.University of California, Los AngelesPublic Health
The Evaluation of Exposure and Risk Related to Environmental Justice 12/19/02Sadd, James L.Occidental CollegePublic Health
Evaluation of Atmosphere Impacts of Selected Coatings VOC Emissions04/13/05Carter, William P. L.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Evaluation of a Gas-Phase Atmospheric Reaction Mechanism for Low NOx Conditions05/27/04Carter, William P. L.University of California, RiversideAir Quality
Evaluating the Benefits of Light Rail Transit07/22/15Houston, Douglas Marlon BoarnetUniversity of California, Irvine, University of Southern CaliforniaClimate Change
Evaluating Mitigation Options of Nitrous Oxide Emissions in California Cropping Systems06/16/16Burger, MartinUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
The European Experience of Cap and Trade07/09/08Morrow, IainUnited Kindom governmentClimate Change
Estimation of the Effects of Ship Emissions Using Existing PM2.5 Particle Compositions03/20/06Hopke, Philip K.Clarkson UniversityAir Quality
EPA’s Building Assessment Survey and Evaluation Study (BASE): What Have We Learned?01/08/09Girman, JohnU.S. Environmental Protection AgencyPublic Health
Environmental, Energy and Mobility Challenges During the 21st Century12/06/02Schuetzle, DennisFord Motor CompanyAir Quality
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Regional and Local Passenger Transportation Systems in California05/09/13Chester, MikhailArizona State UniversityClimate Change
Environmental Justice Screening Method (EJSM) Webinar05/13/15Sadd, James Madeline Wander, M.U.R.P.Occidental College, University of Southern CaliforniaPublic Health
Environmental Fate of Low Vapor Pressure - Volatile Organic Compounds from Consumer Products: A Modeling Approach09/22/15Bennett, Deborah H.University of California, DavisAir Quality
Environmental Exposures in Early Childhood Education Environments10/24/12Bradman, AsaUniversity of California, BerkeleyPublic Health
Energy, Entropy and Climate10/21/02Goodstein, David L.California Institute of TechnologyClimate Change
Empowering Citizens to Adopt Low Carbon Lifestyles: Strategies and Tools for Behavior Change, Community Engagement and the Reinvention of our Cities10/24/11Gershon, DavidEmpowerment InstituteClimate Change
Emissions of Toxic Pollutants From Compressed Natural Gas and Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fueled Transit Buses With and Without After-Treatment Devices10/24/03Kado, Norman and Paul RiegerCalifornia Air Resources BoardAir Quality
Emissions of Potent Greenhouse Gases from Appliance and Building Waste in Landfills05/20/16Nazli, Yesiller James Hanson Jean E. BognerCalifornia Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo; University of Illinois, ChicagoClimate Change
Emissions of HFC-134a in Auto Dismantling and Recycling09/15/10Wimberger, EmilyUniversity of California, DavisClimate Change
Emission Control Technologies for Ocean Going Vessels (OGVs)06/09/08Rahai, HamidCalifornia State University, Long BeachAir Quality
Electric Energy: The Potential Show Stopper for a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Fleet11/04/02Kruger, PaulStanford UniversityAir Quality
Electric Diesel Particulate Filter Demonstration08/31/06Edgar, Bradley, Michael Streichsbier and Tom SwensonCleaire Advanced Emission ControlsAir Quality
Efficiency Activities in the Industrial Sector in Response to Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets07/20/10Price, LynnLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryClimate Change
Effects on the Respiratory System of Sensitive Animals and Asthmatic Humans 06/17/04Pinkerton, Kent E.University of California, DavisPublic Health
Effects of Nitrogen Dioxide on Airway Inflammation in Allergic Asthmatic Subjects09/28/04Solomon, Colin, and John R. BalmesUniversity of California, San Francisco, and San Francisco General HospitalPublic Health
The Effects of Fine Particle Species on Daily Mortality and Morbidity in Six California Counties: Results from CALFINE07/25/07Ostro, BartOffice of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, California Environmental Protection AgencyPublic Health
Effects of Cool Roofs and Solar Panels on a Large Scale10/11/11Millstein, DevLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryClimate Change
Effects of Complete Streets on Travel Behavior and Exposure to Vehicular Emissions05/24/16Zhu, YifangUniversity of California, Los AngelesPublic Health
The Effect of Smoke from Burning Vegetative Residues on Airway Inflammation and Pulmonary Function in Healthy, Asthmatic and Allergic Individuals07/08/03Solomon, Colin, Bryan Jenkins, and John R. BalmesUniversity of California, San Francisco and DavisPublic Health
The Economics of Automobile Fuel Economy Standards04/20/11Anderson, SorenUniversity of California, BerkeleyAir Quality
The Economic Value of Hospitalizations Associated with Particulate and Ozone Air Pollution05/13/03Thayer, Mark, Lauraine G. Chestnut, and Stephen Van Den EedenSan Diego State UniversityPublic Health
Economic Valuation of Ozone-Related School Absences in the South Coast Air Basin09/10/02Hall, JaneCalifornia State University, FullertonPublic Health
The DOE Gasoline/Diesel PM Split Study09/07/05Fujita, Eric M., Douglas R. Lawson, and James SchauerDesert Research Institute, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, University of Wisconsin-MadisonAir Quality
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