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Project Status: complete

Report Published April 1989:

Title: Southern California air quality study: b site operations.

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Chan, Michael

Contractor: AeroVironment, Inc.

Contract Number: A5-196-32

Research Program Area: Atmospheric Processes


This report documents the operation of the B sites by AeroVironment Inc. during the Southern California Air Quality Study (SCAQS). It describes each of the B sites and provides aerial and ground photographs of them. It also presents measurements taken, sampling schedules, procedures for sample and data collection and for data processing and lists all samples collected.

AeroVironment Inc. operated nine B sites during the SCAQS summer study period and six B sites during the SCAQS fall study period. Continuous air quality, meteorological and aerosol analyzers were operated during each SCAQS study period, while discrete samples were collected on 17 intensive study days. All discrete samples were sent to laboratories for analyses. Data from continuous monitors were processed and submitted to the SCAQS data manager.


For questions regarding this research project, including available data and progress status, contact: Heather Choi at (916) 322-3893

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