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Title: Proceedings: Air pollution effects on vegetation in Northern California

Contract Number: A7-189-30

Research Program Area: Ecosystem & Multimedia Effects

Topic Areas: Ecosystem Impacts


Air pollution has received much local attention over the past two years. It is apparent that air pollution is a subject that arouses great emotion and concern for many different reasons, but it is equally apparent that air pollution is a greatly misunderstood phenomenon of modern society.

This symposium was conceived over a year ago when our local Board of Supervisors was in the throes of adopting an air quality maintenance plan. There was great concern then and remains today that Kern County's long time economic leader -- Agriculture did not have adequate input into charting our future. The purpose of this symposium was to create an awareness that:

1. Air pollution does indeed pose an ominous threat to agriculture as we know it today.
2. The effects of air pollution on the growing of plants is a subtle thing that has crept upon us and now threatens a large segment of our agricultural economy.
3. There are different kinds of air pollution.
4. Much remains to be learned about the effects of air pollution on vegetation.
5. We all must work together to determine the true extent of this threat through an expanded and enlightened research program.

This symposium was not designed to, nor did we attempt to:

1. Identify specific sources of pollution in the Southern San Joaquin Valley.
2. Suggest solutions to this growing problem.

It is our hope that when you have studied the contents of this Proceedings you will have a better understanding of air pollution and its effect on agriculture.

For questions regarding this research project, including available data and progress status, contact: Research Division staff at (916) 445-0753

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