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Project Status: complete

Report Published May 1994:

Title: Air pollution mitigation measures for airports and associated activity.

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Webb, Sandy

Contractor: Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc.

Contract Number: A132-168

Research Program Area: Emissions Monitoring & Control, Atmospheric Processes

Topic Areas: Mobile Sources & Fuels


The growth of air travel in California is becoming a concern for air quality planners. Air travel throughout the United States (U.S.) has grown more than 5% per year for the past decade and that growth is expected to continue. California has become one of the fastest growing air transportation links to the Pacific Rim, pushing its average growth even higher. This has resulted in airport-related activity becoming an increasing component of the state's emission inventory.

This report is a reference guide to emission mitigation techniques that can be applied to aircraft and their operations, the ground support equipment that service aircraft at airports, and other airport on-road and off-road emission sources such as maintenance, passenger, and employee vehicles. Each measure is described along with guidelines for its use and constraints that may limit its effectiveness. The information in the report can be used to quantify emission reductions that result from operational, procedural, or technological changes to these sources. Projects and plans to reduce air pollution at U.S. and European airports are described. A detailed description of procedures used to calculate aircraft emissions is provided in an appendix.


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