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Project Status: complete

Report Published May 1976:

Title: Technical bases for control strategies of photochemical oxidant: current status and priorities in research December 16-17, 1974

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Pitts, James N., Jr.

Contractor: Statewide Air Pollution Research Center, University of California, Riverside

Contract Number: 3-974

Research Program Area: Atmospheric Processes


During 1974-1975, the California Air Resources Board, under ARB Contract No. 3-974, cosponsored with the University of California, through the Statewide Air Pollution Research Center (SAPRC) and Statewide Coordination for Air Pollution Research, a series of "state-of-the-art" conferences dealing with current priorities in air pollution research and control. These conferences stressed technical discussions and focused on new research needed to develop improved control strategies.

For informational purposes, the programs of each of these conferences and the lists of participants are included with this report as Appendix A.


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