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Project Status: complete

Report Published July 2000:

Title: Determination of the next generation of automotive refinishing coatings.

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Huang, Eddy

Contractor: AVES/ATC, Inc.

Contract Number: 98-333

Research Program Area: Emissions Monitoring & Control

Topic Areas: Stationary Sources


The overall objectives of this project are to: (1) gather information on the availability of automotive refinishing ultralow-VOC coatings, (2) determine the usability and performance of these ultralow-VOC coatings, (3) determine the formulations for ultralow- or zero-VOCs and (4) evaluate the feasibility of reducing the toxic air contaminant (TAC) content. These objectives were intended to apply to coatings that are planned for commercial introduction during the next five years, as well as to coatings now in use.

The focus of the Phase I study is to specify methods that are employed to accomplish the study's objective. AVES' technical approaches include:

* Collect information on availability and properties of coatings (Task 1, Phase I).
* Analyze information (Task 2, Phase I).
* Produce interim report (Task 3, Phase I).

AVES worked with automotive refinishing coating industry to collect information on low-VOC coatings and analyze information for selected automotive refinishing coatings. AVES identified many low-VOC automotive refinishing coatings that contain VOCs at levels lower than the current limits set by air pollution control district automotive refinishing rules. Additionally, these commercially available low-VOC automotive refinishing coatings have potentials for reducing the contents of toxic air contaminant (TAC) according to their materials safety data sheets.

Twelve low-VOC/ low-TAC automotive refinishing coatings (three primer surfacer, three primer sealer, three basecoat, and three clearcoat) should be tested side-by-side with eight compliant coatings (two primer surfacer, two primer sealer, two basecoat, and two clearcoat) as control to evaluate the feasibility of reducing the toxic air contaminant (TAC) content to the maximum extent possible.


For questions regarding this research project, including available data and progress status, contact: Heather Choi at (916) 322-3893

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