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Project Status: complete

Title: Quality assurance analysis of filter samples collected during the Lake Tahoe Atmospheric Deposition Study using synchrotron x-ray fluorescence

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Cliff, Steven S.

Contractor: UC Davis

Contract Number: 03-344

Research Program Area: Atmospheric Processes

Topic Areas: Field Studies, Lake Tahoe Study


Results for analysis of a subset of 71 Lake Tahoe Atmospheric Deposition Study (LTADS) ambient sample filters via synchrotron sourced x-ray fluorescence (s-XRF) are presented. A rigorous statistical analysis of phosphorous concentration data reveals a lower quantifiable limit of 15 nanograms per cubic meter for the s-XRF analysis results and 30 ng/m3 for DRI analyses for the LTADS ambient filters. Comparison of results for major elements between the s-XRF and DRI technique indicates no significant bias between analytical protocols for ambient samples. Additionally, 21 source samples (7 smoke and 14 roadway) were analyzed via s-XRF. In contrast to the ambient samples, differences were observed when comparing datasets. A nonuniform deposit on the source samples, however, is suggested as being responsible for the observed differences in quantitative results when comparing the s-XRF and DRI data.RACT


For questions regarding this research project, including available data and progress status, contact: Heather Choi at (916) 322-3893

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