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Project Status: complete

Report Published November 1993:

Title: Data base development and data analysis for California indoor exposure studies

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Clayton, Andrew

Contractor: Research Triangle Institute

Contract Number: a133-187

Research Program Area: Health & Exposure

Topic Areas: Indoor Air Quality, Toxic Air Contaminants


The recent Woodland, CA study, sponsored by the Air Resources Board (ARB), and the series of Total Exposure Assessment Methodology (TEAM) studies, conducted in California and sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the ARB, furnish residential concentration data on a number of important volatile organic compounds (VOCs), along with concomitant information. While there are some differences in the datasets associated with these studies that hinder the direct comparison of their results, there are a number of data analyses that can be justified and that could provide insight into indoor air pollutant levels, trends, and sources. To do so requires the consolidation of data from these various studies into a unified database organized in a manner amenable to statistical analysis. To develop such a database was the first objective of this study. The present report, Volume I, documents the structure and content of this database, which contains data from six studies (three 1984 TEAM studies, two 1987 follow-up TEAM studies, and the 1990 Woodland Study). The database contains five primary data files: a file derived from questionnaire response information, two files of outdoor-, indoor-, and personal-air VOC concentrations (one for daytime and nighttime monitoring periods, and one for a 24-hour monitoring period), a file of tap water VOC concentrations, and a file of breath-sample VOC concentrations.

The second objective of the study is to perform data analyses supported by these data and to document the results. Such analyses are described in Volume II and serve not only to provide substantive information but also to illustrate other similar analyses that could be performed by the ARB.


For questions regarding this research project, including available data and progress status, contact: Heather Choi at (916) 322-3893

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